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For nearly a decade, I've been pounding the dirt and floors of Manufacturing Plants and Distribution Centers around the Southeast US. During that time, I've accomplished many a great things and seen many various roles in the pursuit of my next challenge. From assembly, Welding, and Fabrication to Line and Team Supervision, I've stretched myself tirelessly in all grounds and bases of the industry. I've come to the conclusion, after my last position as a warehouse associate at Imperial Supplies, that my true passion and interests lay within that of writing. Since the age of ten, I've pursued that avenue as merely an interest and hobby. I've created short stories, poems, speeches and movie scripts for pure enjoyment and now wish to make it a career. At this point, I'm a little nervous about pursuing that field as that would mean I'd have to start from the bottom. But, like any challenge, its a climb I'm willing to make to finally pursue the career I wish to attain. If anyone is of interest in helping me attain those goals or offer me an opportunity to provide such, it'll not go unnoticed and I will give my full 100% full effort and participation.



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What Does Conor McGregor Really Stand To Lose?

Boxing, Sports The upcoming bout on August 26, 2017, between the undefeated 5-Division winning boxing giant Floyd Mayweather vs. the highly charismatic UFC Lightweight Champion. Both are providing plenty of indelible fuel and fervor, potentially earning a staggering $606.1 million from combined ticket sales, PPV purchases and current bets in the Nevada circuit.

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The High Will Rise Again: Weed Culture in the American South

There's no denying that marijuana, or rather the lifestyle surrounding the use of weed, has been a popular (albeit taboo) mainstay in pop #culture and social acceptance for the better part of the last 40-some odd years.

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Miseducation in America today.

Imagine, if you will, you decide the best idea in the entire world is to throw out any form of ambition and education, say "To Hell With it" and take up a job working #Day Labor because it's the type of work that requires little to no education?

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Gender Neutral: Fluidity and Hope

The world needs to know this, right now, this very second. I am a Human Being. A person with a brain, emotional contrasts, and genitals. Whether it's important to annotate that is beside the point.

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Contingent workers: the death of permanent hire

It seems like only yesterday the Great Recession hit that left millions scrambling for employment and wages: any job and any company. The world, so highly in the clouds, with inflated mortgages for those that could afford them collapsed. Even wealthy homeowners were shuddering and running as their homes were foreclosed.

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Crunch: game development deadlines

When imagining video games, what's the first image that comes to mind? Vibrant colors and computer generated graphics? A menagerie of violence and mayhem coupled with the extreme use of audio and visual cues? Or perhaps video games can be viewed by what they're viewed as by generations before the Millennial, a distraction from the real world.

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