Wisdom Odion

Web3/Crypto Writer.

Personally, I can say that I would make a terrible autobiography book of myself. Might as well hire someone else to write my life story, (hopefully they won't be bored to death). Plus, I love terriers and I'd love to see a dog's Valhalla!

- I have written Web3 content for Victoria VR.

- Content Manager for Play2Earn City

- Worked with WPRO agency as a Crypto Writer for promotional content

- Content team lead for DigitalGoldEcosystem (DGE) - A Cardano-based project

Victoria VR
Architecture in the Metaverse

In no distant time, almost everything we have come to know will take a different turn. The traditional way of doing things would be relegated to the background as top-level innovations introduce better approaches to solving problems while pushing for development in art and science.

Private Client
Best crypto trader strategies

Find an easy-to-use crypto trader strategy to keep your interest in the market. Whether you are a newbie or a wall street god, we have compiled the best crypto trader strategies for you.

Trust Machines
Mt Gox Bitcoin Aftermath

The Mt. Gox Bitcoin debacle marked a turning point in crypto. Here’s what happened and the aftereffect of the chain reaction set off by the event

Trust Machines
What is Tezos

Tezos blockchain works on wheels to curb hard forks. The network offers a self-amending system that allows it to evolve without significant upgrades. Tezos achieves this by using an on-chain governance token mechanism fueled by its community—an all-for-one, one-for-all solution.

GameFi Meets Opposition and is Deemed a Lacklustre Innovation by Gamers

Technological advancements have been nothing short of bags of signs and wonders over the last decade. We do not have flying cars, nor do we run automobiles on simple H2O just yet, but my oh my, the gem of the century is here, and it'll change the way we see the world and possibly upset conventional systems in finance and technology that is being deployed by capitalists to keep us down and constantly exploited.