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Blogger. Copywriter. Editor. Social Media. Marketeer.

It is my passion to cover stories and issues that empower women, raise awareness about our environmental concerns and provide outdoor adventure stories that awaken the senses. However, my adaptability allows me to tailor my voice to produce a wide variety of content.

In addition to content writing, I have experience in designing email campaigns, newsletters, press releases, promotional emails, editorial and social media calendars. I have familiarity with SEO, WordPress, Google Analytics and Hootsuite making me a big gift to your marketing team that comes in a small package.

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Resources To Recover

Going Up in Flames: Wildland Firefighters and Mental Health

We met on Tinder. His profile said he was a wildland firefighter, and one of his photos was of him covered in soot and ash with brilliant flames engulfing a forest behind him. I...

Healthy Living

How Caretaking for My Diabetic Partner Almost Ruined Us | Care2 Healthy Living

Most Type 1 diabetics are diagnosed at a young age; my boyfriend was diagnosed at the age of 29. He didn't "get" diabetes because he was overweight or unhealthy. It was a freak...


Trump Pulls Out of Paris Climate Agreement | GreenandSave.com | Green News, Tips, and Services...

Our American president, Donald Trump, has been on a environmental rampage, retracting the hard work of his predecessors to protect public lands. The protests to protect our...

Her Culture

How I Learned About Feminism From My Mother's Failed Marriages

My mother has been married three times, engaged two other times that she didn't follow through with, and is currently single at the age of 57. For a long time, I saw my mother...

Triple Pundit: People, Planet, Profit

How Millennials and Young Farmers Are Demanding CSR

By W.M. Chandler Millennials have tipped the mark as the world's largest generational population and make up the highest percentage of the workforce. A generation that demands a...


How Do You Manage Being a Type 3 Diabetic?

How Do You Manage Being a Type 3 Diabetic? by WM Chandler. There are countless forums and blogs about being the significant other of a diabetic because the condition affects...

Sivana East

Harness The Power Of Garnet

is found all over the world. Its name is derived from the Latin word "granatum", that refers to the seeds of a pomegranate. This gemstone is commonly known as the birthstone of...



Preparing your own lightweight meals for the trail is a great way to improve the nutrition and taste of your camp food. The number one thing most hikers think about after...

International Policy Digest

Post-Apocalyptic Survival in 'The Dog Stars'

Amazon Our environmental discussions usually address the loss of glaciers, indigenous tribes and languages and endangered animals' natural habitat. However, the world of pop...

Nuzum's Nutraceuticals

Spring: The Time to Detox your Body

Spring time is a season for rebirth and renewal. Taking the time to practice some self care and doing a spring detox is the greatest gift that you can give to yourself. Please...

Borderless News and Views

Women's Rising Interest in Politics in the Trump Era: Pussy Hats in Office

Women's jaws dropped across the country when the announcement was made that Trump would be elected into office this past November. The news served as a call to action to every...

Unbound Northwest

The Wave: The Whitewater Park in Boise - Unbound Northwest

Idaho is the best-kept secret when it comes to its river canyons and high-class whitewater. In response to the popular demand for a whitewater park, the city has built a surf...

Wide Open Spaces

Breed-Specific Keys to Finding the Perfect Hunting Dog

Hunting dogs have long since served as man's wingman during a hunt. Their elevated senses in addition to your skill, allow to you to take your hunting excursions to a whole new...

Website Content Examples, Presentations and Press Releases

TransWorld SNOWboarding

5 Base Layers for Ladies Who Sweat a Lot

Some of us hardly perspire at all while riding, while others break a sweat just lacing up in the parking lot. Since fabrics are now more technologically advanced than ever,...

Borderless News and Views

Ai Weiwei: Setting the Mark for Trumpist America

"Turn nothing into something - make a drawing, make a mark. Connect with others through this space of imagination. Look at other people's drawings and share them with the world....

Discovery Center of Idaho

A T.rex Named Sue Press Release

Press release for the Discovery Center of Idaho written, published and distributed by Whitney Chandler

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