Veronica O'Brien

Writer and Editor

United States

I am a Massachusetts-based writer for hire. I specialize in creative writing, but I am also comfortable with professional writing, writing for visual media, and copy writing.

I graduated from Framingham State University with a B.A. in English and a concentration in Film Studies. While there, I completed an internship on revising prose which involved script writing and video making. I also crafted a 50-page, research based Honors Thesis.

Currently, I work in freelance writing, where I do ghost-writing for long-form projects from 30,000-100,000 words. My topic specialties include mindset, self-help, plant-based lifestyle and film review.

Send inquiries to [email protected]

Political Flare
Portraits of Donald and Melania Trump Commissioned by the National Portrait Gallery

After every president's term is over, they are rewarded with a personal portrait to be displayed in the Smithsonian Museum, and Donald Trump and his wife Melania are set to have their pictures added to the collection soon. This was confirmed by a spokesperson for the Smithsonian's National Portrait Gallery, Concetta Duncan, who told the [...]
5 Meaty Swaps That Aren't Vegan Meat

In an average supermarket today, it is easier than ever to find vegan products to supplement your meals. There seems to be a name-brand replacement for every type of dairy, meat, and egg product that you could possibly ever want. This is a huge step forward in encouraging more and more people to try a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle.

Daily inspiration & Life coaching Blog
The Importance of Visualizing Your Own Success * MindsetBits

Why it is important to visualize your own success? In this well-written article, Veronica will give you the proper answer. Besides, some practical tips and tricks on how you can practice visualization, she will explain to you what you should visualize and how patience and faith take place in your personal improvement towards your success.

Personal Essay
Hindu Literature

A clip from my honors thesis, which was an anti-structuralist take on major Hindu spiritual literature.