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Pop Culture Junkie. Storyteller. Dreamer.

My desire in life is to unveil the extraordinary stories hidden within the beauty of everyday life. My ultimate goal is to break into the field of entertainment journalism, and I welcome every opportunity that allows me to get closer to what I was made to do. I have been published in College Lifestyles Magazine, USA Today College Blog, The Celebrity Cafe,, and Veritas. Below is a list of clips from each of these publications. I hope you enjoy what you see and learn something new!

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Quirky Daily

Quirky Daily

Celebrity Chef, Chris Koetke: Awards Season, Chicago, and Great Food - Quirky Daily

If you're considered a food junkie among your closest friends, with a passion for exotic trends, and eye for the best new recipes-than you may want to clear your calendar on May...

Quirky Daily

Be Your Own Financial Plan: Interview with Bestselling Author Patrice C. Washington - Quirky Daily

Patrice C. Washington, also known as the "Money Maven," is a bestselling author, public speaker, and champion of women across the nation. She has helped thousands of women...

Quirky Daily

Women in Hollywood: Reality Reforming History - Quirky Daily

2014 was the year America reclaimed womanhood. The year the media finally took a stand and brought us career women, stay at home moms, women with incredible victories, and women...

Quirky Daily

5 Ways to Survive Life After College

The college experience can quite possibly be summed up in one word: preparation. Most of our college years are spent preparing for our next move. Yet, it seems that so many of...

The Celebrity Cafe


'Baby Daddy' Season 4, Episode 13 recap: 'Home is Where the Wheeler Is'

Baby Daddy is back! That is probably a sentence you never hear uttered with excitement, unless of course, referring to the hit ABC Family show that returned for the second half...


Interview with author, dietician, and Food Network Host Ellie Krieger

Ellie Krieger is a world renowned dietician, author, and the host of Food Networks hit television show Healthy Appetite. Krieger has come a long way since her start as a teen...


First official trailer for Lindsay Lohan's new OWN original series

On Tuesday evening, the Oprah Winfrey Network (OWN), released the first trailer to Lindsay, an 8 episode docu-series chronicling the rehabilitation, recovery, and eventual rise...


Justin Bieber changes name to 'Bizzle' on Instagram briefly

Just when you think Justin Bieber can't pull anymore insane stunts, he changes his name. Bieber renamed himself Bizzle on Instagram over the weekend. For all of the diehard...


Top 10 Gavin DeGraw songs

Gavin DeGraw first caught the attention of the world in 2004 when his single "I Don't Want To Be" was used as the theme song for the CW show One Tree Hill. The song, which was...


'Graceland' recap: 'Tinker Bell'

Who would have thought that a harmless Disney character could hold the key to tracking down a dangerous cartel and a multi-million dollar drug scandal? Mike Warren. In this...


'Graceland' Recap: Connects

After Mike's unexpected return to Graceland last week, the house has gotten a little more welcoming. It seems Briggs is back to his normal hell-raising self, because within the...


Channing Tatum's role in 'Foxcatcher' may be Oscar worthy

"Its going to be weird when Channing Tatum wins an Oscar!" was the tweet sent out by actor Richard Lawson, which got many people talking of a possible supporting actor...


'Scandal' Recap: 'The Price of Free and Fair Election'

Nothing is what is seems on the season finale of Scandal. Although many of this seasons questions were answered, the last episode of the season left us with tons of questions....


'Scandal' Recap: 'Flesh and Blood'

As season 3 winds down, the drama has only begun to heat up! Olivia Pope and associates have finally brought down B6-13, but at the possible cost of many lives. In last week's...


'Scandal' recap: 'Mama said knock you out.' |

As per typical Scandal style, this episode starts out in a crisis. The episode fades into a close-up of Olivia Pope walking somewhere with a determined pace, which could only...


Netflix releases 'Orange Is the New Black' return date

It's official! Netflix has released the season premiere date for its hit drama Orange Is the New Black, which will premiere its second season on June 6, 2014. The show...

College Lifestyles Magazine


Top Ten Holiday Date Looks Under $50

Top Ten Holiday Date Looks Under $50 The holidays are one of the most romantic times of the year. Snow is falling, hot chocolate is brewing, and love is in the air. However, it...