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Chilled Magazine
Goodbye Negroni, Hello Boulevardier Season

We're trading in t-shirts for sweaters, tomatoes for squash, and for Boulevardiers . And cold weather inclines us to drink, well, more like a lumberjack. We crave beverages that are bold and deep, that warm our soul with seductive spices.

Chilled Magazine
Traditional Caribbean Ti'Punch | Are You Missing Out? - Chilled Magazine

Traditional Caribbean Ti'Punch is a cocktail that leaves you feeling like you're on a white sandy beach, gazing at crystal blue waters. You may be thinking: I could really use a mai tai right now. Or, perhaps a mojito. But, there's a tropical drink that's been missing from your life.

The Lambrusco Revolution

Emilia Romagna, the home of parmigiano reggiano, balsamic vinegar and Massimo Bottura, is also the home of Lambrusco. Now, you might be thinking - Lambrusco? That sweet soda-like wine? I'm here to tell you no, it's not like that at all.

How to Approach Someone Battling an Eating Disorder

Eating disorders are not easy. They are the second deadliest mental illness in the world. Approaching someone who is battling an eating disorder isn't a simple task. But, knowing how can make a huge difference for someone who is in need of support. In America, an estimated 30 million people live with an eating disorder.

Domenico Winery + Osteria
Italian Food 101: Pairing Wine with Pasta | Domenico Winery + Osteria

What's better than wine? Wine paired with a delicious plate of pasta. As an Italian family, pairing wine with pasta is in our blood. The smell of pasta and wine just brings us right back to nonna's table! So, we've created a simple guide on how you can perfectly pair your wine with your favorite pasta dishes.

Domenico Winery + Osteria
Italian Wines in California: Meet Historia Antiqua | Domenico Winery + Osteria

It's rare to find Italian wines in California. Not at Domenico Winery - we're bringing our Italian history right to the table. Domenico Winery is more than just a California urban winery - it's a homage to our Italian heritage. The rich Southern Italian culture inspires everything we do.

Forget The Hype: Here's Why Carbohydrates Are Your Friends

Carbs - a word many people fear and a thing many people avoid. How did an essential energy source gain such a horrible reputation? The truth is: carbs are not bad for you. Yes, there are some exceptions to this statement. There are sugary carbs, like cakes, cookies, and all those sinful baked goods.

Domenico Winery + Osteria
5 Reasons Why you Can Become a Winemaker Easily | Domenico Winery + Osteria

We all have dreams. Some wish they could see every country on the planet, while others dream of making one great bottle of Pinot Noir. We're here to tell you to stop downplaying your dreams. Winemaking doesn't have to be just a fantasy. In fact, many established winemakers didn't start off making wine out of the womb.

7 Foods That Trigger Anxiety

Struggling with anxiety is hard. It takes over your mind, body, and spirit. There's often a lot of discussion on methods to channel and reduce anxiety. Did you know: there are actually foods that trigger anxiety?

Anthony Bourdain Quotes To Ignite Your Quest For Adventure

Anthony Bourdain was a chef, writer, and traveler. But, those terms together do not sum up who Bourdain was. He was truly of his own kind, something that reflects in Anthony Bourdain quotes. This adventurous nomad saw corners of the Earth most of us will never get the chance to see.

Lifestyle Writing

The Italy Edit
Here's Everything You Need To Channel The Amalfi Coast At Home

Is there anything dreamier than a vacation along the Amalfi Coast? That's a hard question to answer. From its vibrant villas to the illustrious Mediterranean blue water, it's tough to resist even the thought of buying a plane ticket immediately and diving straight into la dolce vita.

How To Set Healthy Boundaries In Your Relationships

Setting boundaries in your relationships is a high priority. Frequently, we run into the same issues over and over again because boundaries remain unclear. We choose to people-please rather than discuss the boundaries we need for ourselves. This goes for familial, platonic, and romantic relationships.

Web Copywriting

Serenity Dental Studio
Home - Serenity Dental Studio

Born and raised in Miami, Florida, Dr. Kengskool always appreciated the arts and sciences. She graduated from the University of Florida with a Bachelor of Science in Food Science and Human Nutrition and went on to earn a Masters of Science in Biomedical Sciences from Rutgers.

Lao Thai Nam
Lao Thai Nam

Grandma-approved recipes and genuine ingredients - that's Lao Thai Nam. Explore our Lao food staples that will take your Southeast Asian dishes to the next level.

Animal Writing

Cattitude Daily
Big Cat 411: All About The Snow Leopard

Beautiful and majestic, the Snow Leopard is one of the world's rarest big cats, and there are said to be only 4000 snow leopards left in the wild. These cats are only found in the mountains of Central Asia, living thousands of feet above sea level.

Why Do Dogs Howl at Night?

We love our dogs and all their quirky ways of communicating. Howling is one of the ways a dog can communicate how they're feeling. But, why do dogs howl at night? Many of us dog owners are curious why. It's not just that dogs are channeling their ancestor wolves - our dogs are trying to tell us something!

Cattitude Daily
Feline 411: All About The Turkish Angora Cat Breed

When we think of royal kitties, without a doubt the Turkish Angora comes to mind. This rare cat breed has an unmistakable look, with its feathery white fur and elegant stature. It's hard not to bow down to these cats! So, how did the angora come to be so regal?

Marketing & Technology Writing

KITS Creativ
UX/UI Design Trends that Will Reign in 2021 Ecommerce Marketing - KITS Creativ

A brilliant e-commerce marketing strategy relies on the functionality of your website. This has never stood more true than in 2020. This past year defined UX/UI design trends for 2021. That's because, in 2020, the majority of purchases went digital. In turn, the online retail sector grew exponentially.

KITS Creativ
2020: The Year That Transformed How We Approach Digital Marketing - KITS Creativ

There is no way anyone will forget 2020. It is a year that turned everyone's life upside down. We, along with presumably everyone else, are glad to see this year come to a close. Yet, 2020 gave rise to fascinating changes for the digital marketing and web development space for Lao, Thai, Vietnamese, and other Asian American-owned businesses.