Valeria Dominguez


Valeria Dominguez is a journalist and filmmaker who currently resides in Houston, Texas.

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North American Energy Ministers Visit UH

Energy leaders from three countries came together at the University of Houston last fall.

The Daily Cougar

Professor's homes in Houston, Napa threatened by natural disasters

Political science professor Richard Murray shuffled through Scantrons and refreshed his browser for updates on the California wildfires in Napa Valley on Oct. 8. For the second...

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Jewelry company gives back to employees - The Daily Cougar

Upon graduating from Bauer College of Business in 2013, Paulina Tobon worked to prove that success and fulfillment can be attained while pursuing risky entrepreneurial ventures....

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New leadership-promoting inclusion forms on campus - The Cougar

Meet the Sexuality and Gender Acceptance (SAGA) Squad. Although UH is the second-most diverse campus in the country, six students - through the group - seek to celebrate...

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Organization empowers refugee youth - The Daily Cougar

Leaving home without a choice is unimaginable for some, and a reality for others. Entering a new country, learning a new language and adapting to a new culture are tasks to...

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Researchers make breakthrough on dissolving electronics - The Daily Cougar

As a Tier One research university, UH made another discovery that could affect a spectrum of professions and fields. Researchers from the University of Houston and China have...



Dedicated To The College Senior Who Doesn't Know What's Next

Remember when we all left for college? Remember the bittersweet, staged, Instagram picture you posted saying goodbye to your high school friend group. The social foundation of...