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Portal To Africa
The Invisible Illness in Africa

An estimated 322 million people around the world live with depression - most of those being in non-Western nations. Mental health has historically been neglected, especially in poorer nations where they face other challenges that take a higher priority.

I am 1 in 4
Failure is an Option - I am 1 in 4

ByZoe Thomson The uncertainty of the future can be a scary thing. It's why I mostly hold back from going after what I really want because it's 'too risky'. But if we always held back, we'd never reach our full potential.

The Mighty
Why I'm Not Ashamed to Take Antidepressants

In an age when everyone is encouraged to talk about mental health, recovery seems to be our biggest problem. The media portrays therapy, rehab and medication as personal failures - a total dependency on an outside force in an attempt to be "fixed." The damaging stigma surrounding antidepressants has led to people feeling ashamed for taking medication.

No Light Without Darkness
Can We Joke About Mental Health? - No Light Without Darkness

I was very fortunate to be invited to Dave Chawner's comedy show, , at Edinburgh Fringe this year. The premise of his show caught my attention; I was interested how he would approach what is still a touchy subject to some, and make us all laugh.

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