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DCU lecturer Marina Carr wins Windham-Campbell Prize

Acclaimed Irish playwright and DCU lecturer Marina Carr has been awarded the Windham-Campbell Prize for Drama from Yale University. Writer of more than a dozen critically acclaimed works, Carr is one of just eight English language writers to be awarded the prize, worth €156,926.

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Postgraduate maintenance grants to return for the next academic year - The College View

The Department of Education has confirmed the restoration of the SUSI maintenance grant for postgraduate students, commencing in the academic year of 2017/2018. Last week the Department of Education announced that the maintenance grant for postgraduate students will be reintroduced after it was cut under the previous coalition's austerity measures back in 2011.

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15% of DCU graduates finished with a first in 2016 - The College View

Of the 1,800 students who graduated in November, 15 per cent obtained first class honours, according to data supplied by DCU's Quality Promotion Office. The majority of the graduating class of 2016 achieved second class honours degrees, with 59 per cent coming away with a 2:1 and 23 per cent with a 2:2.

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DCU Master's degree has been shortlisted for an Aviation Award. - The College View

The Management (Aviation Leadership) degree, which launched in 2015, has been shortlisted as a finalist in the Academic Education category of the 2016 Aviation Industry Awards. The Aviation Industry Awards is described as a benchmark for excellence for those demonstrating best practice in the aviation industry in Ireland.

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HIV Activist urges universities to tackle Sexual Health awareness - The College View

Universities need to build a framework and provide speakers to tackle the issue of HIV awareness, former DCU student and sexual health activist, Robbie Lawlor told The College View. Robbie Lawlor (25), who is a former MA Sexuality Studies student, spoke to a group of DCU students during Shift Week, about his HIV diagnosis and the impact that has had on his life.

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DCU had second highest number of new "Sugar Babies" in 2016 - The College View

DCU had the second highest number of students signing up to become "Sugar Babies" of all Irish universities in 2016, according to figures supplied by the dating website Seeking Arrangement. The site saw 71 new DCU sign-ups last year, bringing the total number of registered users to 568.

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DCU Chaplain: Chaplaincy and counselling sometimes interchanges - The College View

DCU Chaplain Philip McKinley believes chaplaincy often goes hand-in-hand with the role similar to a counsellor, even though he is not qualified in the latter field. This comes following an Irish Times article published last month which interviewed UCD Chaplain Scott Evans, who admitted he was more of a "big-brother figure that people can unload on", rather than an outlet for faith guidance.


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Does this narrative sound familiar to you? You meet someone online and you start casually texting. Flirty messages are being sent back and forth and you're really intrigued by them. They like your Instagram selfies and send you funny snaps, you're in the early stages of catching feelings.

The opinions and thoughts of young people can be heard loudly in poetry slams across the world. Spoken word poetry started rearing its head in a number of cultures across America during the late 80s. It became popular at a time when people needed a way to passively vent their anger about the oppressive behaviours of their society.

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Sussed: Afrobeat - The College View

The birth of Afrobeat happened almost a decade after West African countries such as Nigeria and Ghana gained their independence from British rule in the 60's. During a time where freedom and hope for future growth were being celebrated, it isn't a surprise that optimism encouraged an abundance of homegrown creativity and talents.

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How Dublin's drag scene developed - The College View

The world of drag is exciting, colourful, fast-paced and unpredictable. Drag appeals to people because it isn't bound by any defined set of rules, especially when it comes to the portrayal of a gender whether it's yours or another. Drag culture in Ireland is still very young when compared to drag culture across the world.
Cindy Gallop: "Sex tech makes jobs"

Cindy Gallop, CEO of MakeLoveNotPorn, told the Dublin Tech Summit that she "would love Ireland to be the champion of sex tech and fund sex tech". She believes that "sex tech makes jobs" and is "recession proof" which is one of the biggest reasons she sees "Dublin as the global sex tech hub of the future" as it's "enormously needed within Irish culture and Irish society."

Having as many friends as possible on social media is usually the goal for most people. However, what about those of us who still want to post but only want it to be seen by our favourite people? The arrival of the world's smallest social media site could be the answer to your prayers.

Fast fashion is a new term that describes the way in which mainstream retailers replicate high-end runway trends at a more affordable price. However, the low-quality fabrics used in the production of these clothes prove that buyers are getting exactly what they're paying for.
The Weekly Read: The unglamorous life of an international student -

Studying abroad is something most students dream of. But for Ivan, it was a situation he never saw coming. Upon finishing high school at eighteen, Ivan Chafardeth was determined to go straight into university. With the declining rate of Venezuelan high school students jumping into a third level programme, this in itself would have been an achievement.
For Gigi Gorgeous, YouTube Is Everything -

She revealed that the project was her feature documentary This Is Everything which was released on YouTube Red on the 9th of February. The documentary unravels the story of how she went from being a competitive champion diver who lived in Toronto with her family to coming to terms with being transgender and the difficulties of transitioning immediately after high school.

The College View
Fine Dining on a Student Budget - The College View

Fine dining can be difficult on a student budget, writer Zainab Boladale has found some delicious dining experiences in Dublin that will not leave you penniless. Eating well and in luxury does not have to break the bank every time.
New Year, New Trends. Please? -

With the new year thoroughly ushered in, it seems fitting to look back on questionable fashion trends that received unwarranted hype last year. 5 - Deadly Chokers The little stringy chokers that everyone has been wearing have been ridiculed by the internet because they resemble shoe laces.
Review: The OA -

From beginning to end, I found myself completely absorbed in the alternative narrative and complex dynamic of how the story unfolded. However, The OA is not without fault, there are many moments where this show abandoned the rules of storytelling in its aim to execute a far-fetched concept.
10 Essential Packing Tips For A Winter Getaway -

Travelling, whether you hate it or love it, we all have to face the daunting task of packing in preparation for a trip. Sometimes, not being sure of what to include in your travel bag is enough to make you not want to take that weekend break or short stay abroad that you have planned.

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UCC hosts 25th annual USI Pink Training - The College View

The 25th USI Pink Training took place in University College Cork from November 25th - 27th. Pink Training is the largest student training event organised by USI and it brings together students from 24 colleges all over Ireland.

While most of us are just getting over the madness of Halloween and beginning to embrace these cold winter nights, it seems the retail world doesn't want us to have a break just yet. Christmas lights were put up barely a day after Halloween and shops frantically began marketing all their Christmas goods.
Luke Cage- All Too Real -

On September 30th, Netflix blessed us with the release of Luke Cage. Since its release, there's been nothing but abundant praise for the high level of black representation and history it incorporates throughout the storyline. For those who may still be puzzled as to what makes the show stand out, here are five ways in ...

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How volunteering can benefit you - The College View

Volunteering has always been a fun and productive way for people to give back. Whether you have volunteered with an organisation or a charity, the very basis of volunteering means to give your time to help. It gives you a sense of achievement and you are able to enrich the lives of people in your local community.

If you're looking for a job and aren't sure about what type would be suitable and easy to work around your schedule, here are five jobs that are ideal for any student. 1.) Shop Assistant: Most school leavers start off with this as their first job.

The College View
DCUSU offers helping hand for mental health - The College View

DCU Students' Union Mental Health Week, promoted as 'Helping Hands Week', is taking place across the DCU campuses this week. Organised by DCUSU Welfare Officer Cody Byrne, he said that "this is the week students drop out the most. We want them to stop dropping out because they're lonely".

The College View
How the world of Black Mirror has become terrifyingly realistic

Netflix's season three release of 'Black Mirror' welcomed old and new audiences to its glossy yet twisted dystopian world of technological advancements. As our world keeps excelling in inventions that keep us plugged into our own personal virtual realities, the stories told in this season make it easy to imagine them as truths.
Blue Shirts For Girls, Pink Dresses For Boys -

Up until the mid 1900s pink was even considered a masculine colour and blue was considered feminine, as young boys would wear the virile and bright pink while women would wear the delicate and soft blue. It says a lot about whether or not gendered clothing actually matters that the two most strongly gender-associated colours only came about in the last 50 years.

College students get distracted, we can't help it. It's easy to with all the fun social events and nights out that constantly surround us. While it is okay to enjoy being young, wild and free, it's also important to remember what you came to college for-a hard earned degree.

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