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Yukari Oda

Location icon United States

I am a recent graduate of San Diego State University’s School of Journalism & Media Studies with a minor in Creative Editing & Publishing, aspiring to be a communication specialist in a country, that offers a competitive society that always keeps me challenged with new experiences.

My constant ambition has been to maintain utmost quality as a genuine person and a professional rather than someone who merely feigns these qualities. I believe that I have this priority as a result of my professional experience in the world-class hospitality industry in Japan. It was there that I worked with foreign employees and communicated with not only Japanese guests but also international guests requiring a high level of attention to detail.

I place enormous value on genuine communication, efficiency, inside beauty and quality, in order to make others’ lives fulfilled.

These are my hobbies: I love martial arts, and I have a black belt in JKA Karate. I also love Japanese calligraphy, and I have a license to teach this beautiful art.

My life philosophy is to “be real” as I endeavor to achieve my goals.

Investigative Journalism: Ryo Oyamada v. New York City

I wrote this case study for my investigative journalism course at San Diego State University. Because I had a similar situation in the U.S. with police, I chose this case. They did not follow up with me when I involved in the terrible car accident. Therefore, I wanted to investigate the case between police and minorities.

Published on TEDx ChulaVista website
TEDx ChulaVista 2019

I researched speakers' backgrounds and wrote their biographies.

Kirishima Open Air Museum Painting Contest
Me, Melting in Nature

My painting that was awarded by the Kirishima Open Air Museum, Kirishima, Japan. I used only the black watercolor and stamped real leaves in multi colors.

Aztec Yelper

Group Project: We created a YouTube video for Creative Uses of Emerging Media course at San Diego State University, focusing on authentic yet creative content, in order to get more viewers.

Published and Sold

With 2 other members in Literature Publishing & Editing course at San Diego State University, we created and sold a chapbook called Schotoma at our Book Launch Party. I took the creative role that I was responsible for the cover designs and illustrations. This is one of the examples that I drew and used for the back cover: closed eyes. For this project, we used Adobe Illustrator and InDesign.

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