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Yukari Oda

Location icon United States

I am a graduate of San Diego State University’s School of Journalism & Media Studies with a minor in Creative Editing & Publishing, aspiring to be a digital/print magazine editor in a country, that offers a competitive society that always keeps me challenged with new experiences.

I was involved in two internship programs while at SDSU. Acquiring both internships would provide the necessary experience I was searching for to enhance my education in the field of media and journalism. I interned as a social media coordinator and marketer at TEDx ChulaVista, a media organization. I also interned as an editor at Fiction International, a literary journal.

My constant ambition has been to maintain utmost quality as a genuine person and a professional rather than someone who merely feigns these qualities. I believe I have this priority as a result of my professional experience in the world-class hospitality industry in Japan. It was there that I worked with foreign employees and communicated with not only Japanese guests but also international guests requiring a high level of attention to detail. I place enormous value on genuine communication, efficiency, inside beauty and quality, in order to make others’ lives fulfilled.

Traveling to Republic of Korea since 2014 has enhanced my individual research of media, and my international backgrounds of the United States, Europe and Republic of Korea as a Japanese person has enhanced my diverse point of view.

I have a degree in advanced fashion design from a college in Japan; however, I wanted to continue my education in the United States, in an environment that promotes individuality, to better accomplish one of my goals of becoming a journalist.

These are my hobbies: I love martial arts, and I have a black belt in JKA Karate. I also love Japanese calligraphy, and I have a license to teach this beautiful art.

My life philosophy is to “be real” as I endeavor to achieve my goals.

Published and Sold

With 2 other members in Literature Publishing & Editing course at San Diego State University, we created and sold a chapbook called Schotoma at our Book Launch Party. I took the creative role that I was responsible for the cover designs and illustrations. This is one of the examples that I drew and used for the back cover: closed eyes. For this project, we used Adobe Illustrator and InDesign.

Kirishima Open Air Museum Painting Contest
Me, Melting in Nature

My painting that was awarded by the Kirishima Open Air Museum, Kirishima, Japan. I used only the black watercolor and stamped real leaves in multi colors.

Published on TEDx ChulaVista website
TEDx ChulaVista 2019

I researched speakers' backgrounds and wrote their biographies.

Investigative Journalism: Ryo Oyamada v. New York City

I wrote this case study for my investigative journalism course at San Diego State University. Because I had a similar situation in the U.S. with police, I chose this case. They did not follow up with me when I involved in the terrible car accident. Therefore, I wanted to investigate the case between police and minorities.

Aztec Yelper

Group Project: We created a YouTube video for Creative Uses of Emerging Media course at San Diego State University, focusing on authentic yet creative content, in order to get more viewers.

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