Yasmin El-Rifae

Yasmin El-Rifae is a writer and co-producer of the Palestine Festival of Literature. She is at work completing her first book, a history of an extraordinary feminist resistance group within the Egyptian revolution. This website is a collection of her writings.


Waiting to rebel
On returning to Cairo I felt myself, while struggling with the physical difficulties of the city, brimming with positivity for it. There are a lot of interesting people doing...
Four Walls: The Poor Struggle to Find a Voice in Post-Mubarak Egypt
We recently visited the area of Cairo known as the "City of the Dead," or "el-Ma'aber" (the graves) in Arabic. For decades, people have lived on the grounds of this cemetery, in...
Egypt in Limbo: The Counter-Revolution
Nearly two months after Hosny Mubarak stepped down, the revolution that ousted him has turned into a battle ground. The January 25 Revolution, as it is called, carried the...

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