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Bubble Trouble

The pockets of methane trapped within Canada's frozen Lake Abraham are a natural wonder, dazzling yet with a deadly core...

BBC Earth Magazine
Come Hell or High Water

Understanding weather patterns is a matter of life and death for sailors...

Mind Games | How Scary Action Sports Are Good For Your Mental Health

The idea that something as dangerous as wingsuiting can be meditative - or have positive mental effects - might seem strange to some. Statistically it's one of the most dangerous things a person can do. A 2012 study by University of Colorado found that a jumper will suffer a severe injury on average once every 500 jumps.

London Fashion Week: Belstaff Presentation

Back to Fashion Belstaff's AW16 presentation at London Fashion week was inspired by female arctic explorers and the collection captured bravery, femininity and strength. Liv Tyler presented her Belstaff AW16 capsule collection at the crypt of the One Marylebone church near Regent's Park.

LFW Prophetik show

Back to Fashion Fairytale dream met rock concert at the 'Ruins & Renaissance' show at Freemason's Hall in Covent Garden on Sunday with eco label Prophetik's latest collection. The gradient-coloured garments were inspired by South America in the 1930s, in keeping with designer Jeff Garner's Tennessee background.

5 Bizarre Yoga Classes You Won't Believe Actually Exist

Because our four-legged friends also need to balance their chakras, you can now learn about how to include your dog in your daily yoga practice. Doga is designed to strengthen your bond with your pet and develop deeper compassion for other living beings.

Could a woman's previous lovers genetically influence her children?

Back to Home Imagine seeing your baby for the first time and seeing your ex's snub-shaped nose, his cleft chin or a miniature version of his beefy face that you had always thought looked akin to a deflated rugby ball. Yes, you would probably be horrified and run screaming for the hills.

5 Energy-Boosting Yoga Poses To Kick Your Ass Into Gear This Winter - Cooler

Sick of the short dark days already? These yoga poses will help you beat the winter blues Share Have you been feeling a little run down lately? The long, dark days of the winter months are usually when our motivation starts to wane. The temptation to stay inside instead of hitting the gym is at its strongest.

University of Birmingham Scientists discover smallest planet | Redbrick

During a survey of over 150,000 stars in the Milky Way, a team of experts including scientists from the University of Birmingham, have discovered the smallest planet outside the solar system. The moon-sized planet, named Kepler-37b, is thought to be a smaller version of Mercury and orbits a dense...