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Protecting Your Home Year Round from Pests

A huge misconception about pest control is that aren't any issues during the winter. Actually, it's often quite the opposite! Homes that are experiencing issues throughout the winter are usually homes where a hidden pest control problem has gone undetected for several seasons.

Someone you should know - St. Charles | Neighbors of Kane County

St. Charles North senior Catharine Steiner has been selected as the 2015 Lincolnland District Exchange Club ACE award winner. She will accept her award and scholarship at the regional convention in Quincy on June 28. Cathy is now in the running for the National ACE Awards, and a $10,000 scholarship.

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8 Tips for a Bug Free Music Festival

Festival season has arrived and in full swing! That means means late night jam sets, meeting new friends around a campfire, and seeing your favorite artists - all in one weekend! Summer also brings a slew of pest problems, especially if your home for the weekend is a tent in the woods (shared with 20-50k other people).

Bug of the Month: Box Elder Bugs

Have you ever seen a small, black bug, with red on its back hanging out around your house, during fall? Chances are that it's a Box Elder Bug, whose name comes from its nature of living in, and outside of, Box Elder trees.

The Spidexx Winter Pest Control Checklist

Winter is here! Its brought with it holiday cheer, freezing temperatures, and the shift of pest activity from the exterior to the interior of homes. Insects are living within wall voids to overwinter, and mice are seeking out access points to nest indoors. Common winter pests are mice, spiders, and ants.

Prairie Path Pet Care
3 Healthy and Organic, Homemade, Holiday Pet Treat Recipes - Prairie Path Pet Care

You can fill their stocking to the top with these delicious edibles that are made with common ingredients, found at your local grocery store. You can know the ingredients your pet is consuming and don't have to worry about if that ingredient you can't pronounce, on the back of the treat box, is really good for them.

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