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Word of the Day

I curate and guide's flagship content package, Word of the Day.

The Allusionist
Allusionist 35: Word of the Day

The wonderful Helen Zaltzman interviews me and my colleague for a behind-the-scenes look at Word of the Day.

Adobe Spark Blog
From Pink Wave to Sea Change: Making Women's Leadership Visible to the Next Generation

Record numbers of women are projected to run for office in this year's midterm elections. So far, the Center for American Women in Politics (CAWP) reports 54 likely and filed candidates for Senate up from the high of 40 filed in 2016; 441 likely and filed candidates for the House, up from the high of 298 filed in 2012; and 79 likely and filed candidates for governor up from 34 filed in 1994.

Adobe Spark Blog
The Key to Better Graphic Design and 5 Ways to Nail It

The right words are important when it comes to promoting your brand. But without smart visual treatment, the potential impact of those words can be lost and your message hindered. Conversely, when brilliant copy is showcased in visually strategic ways, your message can soar to new heights.

San Francisco magazine
Back Story: Sisters act

Glossed, glamorous, and looking like they're ready for a night on the town with the brothers Gibb, Benefit Cosmetics cofounders Jean and Jane Ford, captured in 1976, recall a groovier time in makeup land.

San Francisco magazine
How on earth (or Pandora) did they do that?

The eerily lifelike aliens in James Cameron's Academy Award-winning eco-thrill ride Avatar had many moviegoers scratching their heads. Had the fine folks at the concession stand spiked our popcorn with peyote, or did that 10-foot-tall Na'vi really look like Sigourney Weaver?


Home studio

Somewhere in the course of the last two years, I started drawing and painting people who inspire me. Mr. Colbert was a no-brainer. This is an oil painting on a 12" x 12" canvas.

Home studio
PB & J

I created this silkscreen design for t-shirts, but this particular print is living life as wall art.