Colyncia Brown

Indepedent Writer/Editor/Student

Location icon Bahamas

I am an independent writer/editor who has been writing short creative excerpts and novel for five years now. I technically do not any "professional" experience, but, I would say that my writing and editing skills, plus my creativity skills are all above those of my peers.


Creative Writing


WHOLE Hesitantly, I took my first step. My first glimpse at my own personal freedom. Now I can be free. The gentle winter breeze tickled my cheek. It was cold, but instead, I embraced the winter as a fortress of determination and perseverance. Now I can survive. The cool crystal lake slowly rippled as I slowly stepped upon it. Chills rapidly ran throughout my body, as if I were being electrocuted by an immense force. Now I can feel. The long white silk brushed against my...


SENSES Empty noises. Silent sounds. I can't hear what's going on, but I can feel the powerful energy surging around me. It's...comforting, in a maniacal sense. With my hearing expired and my sight obscured, my senses of touch and smell are only valuable to me now. Fear is taking over my body. I'm afraid. I can feel movement. It's choppy as if Neptune himself had gathered the seas and let them furiously rage on. The air has begun to thin; my breaths become shallow. How...

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