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William E. Lewis Jr: Radio host, Starbucks connoisseur, social media whiz, political consultant, extreme coupon shopper, ID theft expert, columnist, philanthropist and his kids Dad.

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William E. Lewis Jr | How Credit Counseling Services Can Help You

Whether you want to build your credit, need help in preparing your budget, struggling to pay off debt, experts like William E. Lewis Jr of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, advice folks to choose credit counseling. Many Nonprofit credit counseling agencies are available in the market who offer a variety of services, including homeownership counseling, Bankruptcy counseling, general personal finance advice, and more.

Most Expensive Starbucks Drink

William Lewis Jr. purchased a Starbucks "Super Venti Flat White," a 240-ounce coffee drink for $148.99 US. The drink featured a standard Venti Flat White with an additional 170 shots of espresso, served with coconut milk. The drink contained roughly 11,000 milligrams of caffeine. Read more about the feat here .

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William E. Lewis Jr | The Greatest Radio Talk Show Hosts of All Time

Talker's magazine is one of the leading trade publications serving the talk media industry in the United State America. In fact, each year the magazine compiles a list of the top radio talk show hosts emphasis William E. Lewis Jr of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

About William E. Lewis Jr - William E. Lewis Jr - Medium

William E. Lewis Jr & Associates is a solution based professional consulting firm specializing in the discriminating individual, business or governmental entity. To learn more, tune into "The Credit Report with Bill Lewis," a daily forum for business and financial news, politics, economic trends, and cutting edge issues weekdays at 7am on AM 740 WSBR.

Protect Yourself From Credit Repair Scams

William E. Lewis Jr: With an improved economy and real estate prices on the rise, your good name and reputation are more important than ever when applying for new credit cards, an automobile, rental property or home mortgage. Many creditors have tightened their lending guidelines, effectively barring millions of Americans from borrowing money.

Credit Score Basics

A credit score is based on the information drawn from your credit report and there are about 30 individual factors which are used to determine your score. Here William E. Lewis Jr has shared an infographic which shows basics of credit score.

What is Credit Rating?

Do you know what your credit rating or credit score is? Knowing your credit rating can help you when applying for a credit card or loan. Here William E. Lewis Jr has shared an infographic for same.

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