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A chameleon- with a pen and paper, or a word processing software. This writer seeks creative employment that will keep the tip of her pen sharp and her wit sharper. Skilled in various forms of writing and communication- journalism, broadcasting, screenwriting, social media marketing, and etc.

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Culinary Composer: Chef Monterroso

Culinary Composer: Chef Monterroso AFI's Silver and Cold melody pounds through the walls, rattling the pots and pans above a metal stove. Cheers from the crowd ring in the ears of the band, but this band is not on stage for they are in a lively kitchen.

Movie Magic: Matt Mangini

Walking into a gated cement house with sound equipment lying all around the house normally would leave one with the feeling of being recorded. However, the Mangini household has an inviting charm despite the museum like build...

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Top 5 Woodbury Sightings

Woodbury is not only a school that studies the art of television but it is a location that can be found in many television shows. Here are the shows that feature Woodbury as a filming location, in...

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Kaleidoscope of a Dancer: Malini Taneja

Clouds of colorful dust explode in the air as a sea of people celebrate the Festival of Colors in the San Fernando Valley. Minutes before hitting the stage at the Festival of Colors, Malini Taneja is getting ready by doing mediation and yoga. Her energy r

Senior Thesis

A creative short story about the dangers of following in your parent's footsteps.

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