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Welcome! A bit about me? Well, my professional background brags humble beginnings. I started my career as an editorial assistant, combing through rough manuscripts when I wasn't busy taking messages and making copies. That voracious love of reading led me to step out on faith and try my hand, leading to a copywriting career that spans nearly twenty years. It's been quite the journey.

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Can you hear it? It's your cash back saying "spend me!" And that's easy to do...

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Biannual Magazine

Everyone—no matter their location, ethnicity, race, religious background or sexual orientation—knows what dignity is and feels like.

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"The Trayvon Martin tragedy is a wake-up call for me, but it's also a wake-up call for society," Jamal Wyse says. The Adelphi junior and criminal justice major was a panelist at the event, Who Are We as a Nation? The Trayvon Martin Tragedy: A Town Hall Panel Discussion for Students, Faculty, Staff and Administrators.

Copy/Concept Development

Faculty and students continue to make an impact in a world where have evolved from just beakers have evolved from just beakers high‐tech bits and bytes.

Marketing Writer

The Warm Drive is yet another positive outcome of Adelphi’s community partnerships and longtime commitment to the Suffolk County region.

Copy/Concept Development

Through cutting edge programs, rich fieldwork opportunities and a groundbreaking new facility, CNPH graduates are equipped to adapt to a rapidly changing healthcare system...

Institutional Writer
Fundraising/Solicitation the forefront of providing educational opportunities that help students succeed in an ever-changing professional environment and meet the needs of diverse communities.

Long-Form Writer

...thousands of people I walked for hours with—these "rude New Yorkers"—had become a family. We helped each other and mourned for our city together.

Writer-Consumer Goods

Like a perfect duet, each piece sings beautifully on its own...but together their song is pure magnificence.

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HP has commercial security solutions that can help ease the burden, so you can focus on running your business knowing that you're protected.

Author and Researcher

In the end, Michael Jackson was right when he said he was still learning. He was learning how to deal with the type of life he was dealt: glorious, hopelessly tragic, and enigmatic. And now we are left with some things to learn.