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A little about me: I’m half Italian (dual-citizenship for the win) and with that comes a love for good food. I like to eat it and I like to make it. Learning about different cultures has always been a love of mine and I swoon at the idea of returning to Europe! I love to curl up with a big cup of coffee and get lost in an evening of Downton Abbey. You can also find me wandering around Anthropologie dreaming of owning everything in the store.


Liberty Station San Diego

Liberty Station
SCOUT @ Quarters D | Liberty Station

Each building throughout Liberty Station hides its own piece of history. The walls of the barracks tell stories of thousands of Navy recruits lying down after a long day of training. As you walk through the hallways you can almost hear the men singing their cadences or laughing with each other over dinner in the mess hall.

Liberty Station
General Goods for the General Good | Liberty Station

A few months ago, we gave you a sneak peak on what to expect with a new store opening up: Moniker General. Ryan Sisson, CEO of Moniker Group, and the rest of his team have been working tirelessly to bring local goods to Liberty Station and as the store gets closer to opening, we wanted you to get a chance to get to know the team.

Liberty Station
The Brave Boat | Liberty Station

These days it seems like something new is happening every week! It has been so exciting to watch local businesses come together to support each other and create community. Last month, Liberty Public Market officially opened! We have been so thrilled over the community coming together to make this happen.

Liberty Station
Odd Daughter's Not So Odd Designs | Liberty Station

As Liberty Station grows and welcomes new tenants, you may have noticed some fun new art pieces around the neighborhood! Katie Hart from Odd Daughter was commissioned to help us out with a marketing campaign to promote all the exciting things happening throughout Liberty Station.

Liberty Station
The Dream Factory | Liberty Station

A few years ago, a few friends got together and dreamed. What would it look like to create a community where people were able to do what they loved? A place where the creative community was encouraged and developed? So began, Moniker Group. I remember meeting these friends (Ryan, Mingo, Jon, James G.

Liberty Station
History in the Making | Liberty Station

New website. Same us. The Liberty Station you know and love: walls full of history and memories past, present and future. You may know that Liberty Station used to be a Naval Training facility, but did you know that it was Franklin D. Roosevelt himself that saw this area's potential and future?

Rock Church

The Rock Church
Hitting Reset

The Lord wants us to experience rest! He established the Sabbath as a practical way for us to remember to rest. In this digital age where we are constantly connected to our devices, social media, running around making sure the errands get done and the deadlines are met, it's increasingly more difficult to disconnect and truly experience the kind of rest God wants for us.

The Rock Church
On Being Present

Today I discovered that I've been using the incorrect due date for most of my pregnancy. Talk about a let down. Just when I thought I had five weeks left until my due date, I discover I have six.

The Rock Church

May is a month where we have the opportunity to celebrate the women who have been mothers to us in many ways. Each woman has a special journey and story to tell when it comes to their moms or being a mother and Fallon is no different.

The Rock Church

Years ago Licia was faced with a scenario straight out of a horror film. A masked gunman approached her and her boyfriend and told them to go down the cliffs where they were standing. The gunman ordered them to pick up their blankets so no one would know they were there and in that moment Licia felt like she would be dying that night.

The Rock Church
A Call to Motherhood

When Michele was a young girl, she saw a sign language dictionary at a bookstore and begged her mother to purchase it for her. Neither Michele nor her mother knew why she had such an interest in it since she had never been exposed to anything like it before.

The Rock Church
Better Together

If you are looking for a good laugh, look no further than Ricciee and Ray Soriano. "Ricciee and I met like any other Christian couple...poppin' bottles at the club!" said Ray. Although the couple went to the same schools for their whole lives, it would take them almost seven years after college to meet and yes, at a club!

The Rock Church
A Family Transformed

Since opening in December, City Heights has seen hundreds of people healed, saved and transformed. Pastor Micah is passionate about living out Matthew 5 when Jesus tells us that we are the light of the world. His desire is to be the touchable hands and feet of Jesus to the community there.

The Rock Church
Take Courage and Do It

The four years of high school are some of the greatest (and maybe worst) years of our lives. It's a season of making new friends, figuring out our identity, having our faith challenged; it's truly a season of growth and transformation. Hejira, a senior at Point Loma High School, has been attending Rock Youth since 6th grade.

The Rock Church
How Haiti Changed Them

In January of 2016, 8 college students traveled to Jeremie, Haiti with Impact195 expecting to change the world. What happened on this trip left these students surprised and transformed themselves. These are the stories from some of the students who left Haiti forever transformed and on fire with God's love for his people.

The Rock Church
Scandalous Grace

Ken Vargas started attending the Microsite at Grocery Outlet in 2014 and shortly after began volunteering. "I was walking through the parking lot on my way to do some shopping. I was approached by Robert [a Microsite volunteer], who told me Pastor Miles and Rock Church were reaching out to the community through Microsites.

The Rock Church
The Toymaker

Each year, Rock Church hosts Toys for Joy, a Christmas event where thousands of volunteers come together to donate toys and food to families in San Diego and share the hope in Jesus Christ. Now, in its 19th year, Toys for Joy happens in 4 locations around San Diego and has served over eighty seven thousand families.

The Rock Church
Saved by Text

Rock Church's mission is to Save, Equip and Send. Pastor Miles has been sharing this mission statement with the church and explaining the "how" behind the mission. We are surrounded by people who are searching for what Jesus has to offer and for every way that these people are searching, Rock Church wants to provide a way for them to be found.


HundredX - Multiplying Positive Outcomes

Summer vacation is officially over, and all the children are heading back to school. It's a bittersweet season, full of both relief and sadness and of course, stress. For one Expresit user, Jen, this is no exception.

HundredX - Multiplying Positive Outcomes

Students today face numerous issues when attending school; acceptance, bullying, cliques, + learning barriers just to name a few. Education is a key to the future and the moment when a student finds a teacher that is inspiring, helpful and determined is something to treasure.

HundredX - Multiplying Positive Outcomes

Meet Judy: San Diego resident, wife of a San Diego Fire Department Battalion Chief, mother of 3, grandmother of 3, and an avid lover of nature. Living in Downtown San Diego provides Judy the opportunity interact with many businesses and employees on a daily basis. Particularly on her frequent walks with her dog, Lola.


Works in Progress

What's up blogger world? Total confession up front: I have been binge watching Gossip Girls for the past few weeks and now as I write this blog I have Kristen Bell's voice over in my head narrating as I type. It makes writing more comedic.

you armed me with strength for battle

It took up till just a few years ago for the meaning of family to really sink in. I was 18 and heart broken, and the way my family stepped in to hold me up became very real. My parents always raised my brother and I to be independent people.

Local Christian Youth Theater Kids Heading to College

CYT San Diego is an after-school theater arts program for ages 4 - 18. By Vittoria Allen As the seasons change, we come to a time of the year that is bittersweet for many; The 1st Day of School. We say goodbye to the freedom of summer and prepare for a new year of education and adventures.

Flud Blog

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Cuba Calling

Has Cuban curiosity been killing the cat? Wait no longer! Thanks to the award-winning tour operator, Austin-Lehman Adventures, travelers will be able to experience cultural and educational adventures in Cuba beginning in early 2012.

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