vincent achuka

Correspondent- Nation Media Group

Location icon Kenya

I am a 26 year old journalist and photographer in Nairobi. My specialty is social and human interest stories especially slum stories. This does not mean I write anything else. It is just what I love. My stories have been published on a number of Kenyan and some international publications like Sunday Times South Africa, Next Cities, Nation and Nairobi News. I am also a social entrepreneur and part of the founders of Busia Sunset- an organization that aims to fight poverty in Busia by providing workable solutions hence slowing down rural-urban migration.

Slum tourism: The new fad for foreigners visiting Kenya

No one in Kibera can tell the exact date it all started. But everyone remembers seeing foreigners come and go. In the beginning there were a few of them, and many locals believed they were volunteers at the many non-government organisations dotting the area.