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Vienna Jacobson

Writer, Content Creator, Social Media Coordinator

Location icon United States

I am a college graduate with a degree in Journalism and a focus on politics. I am passionate about writing people's stories, international relations, community, and good conversation over coffee.

I am a quick thinker and enjoy a fast paced environment where I am forced to adapt and quickly change. I enjoy being challenged and trying new things and hope that wherever I work, I bring life, joy, and stress-relief.

Flags Of Valor LLC
Humble Heroes: Honoring First Responders in the 9/11 Promise Run

Over the weekend of 9/11, a team of ten people from Flags of Valor ran the 9/11 Promise Run. The run is a 240-mile relay, from the Pentagon Memorial to Ground Zero. As a veteran owned and operated company, coming home is a major theme among our employees.

Flags Of Valor LLC
Flag Build with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce

On October 1st, members of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce's Small Business Council came out to our showroom in Ashburn, VA to participate in a flag build. About 40 people poured into our creative space and workshop and took turns crafting their own handmade flags.

What Does It Really Mean to Have Accountability in Friendship?

I have given permission to a handful of friends in my life to say whatever they want about my behavior whenever they want. We call it the "open-door policy." It means they can, at any time, question my behavior and actions about anything. It may be about lifestyle choices, boys, friendships, my devotional life, etc.

Read the Essay: Until Desire Do Us Part

As every new day dawns, another one of Hollywood's couples calls it quits. In a 2012 interview on The Ellen Show, Jenna Dewan-Tatum said of her marriage to Channing Tatum, "We've been together seven years. Married three. That's like 20 in Hollywood years. That's like amazing."

What Does It Take to Work in D.C.? PHC Students and Grads Answer

A chance meeting with the General Counsel of the House of Representatives led to an amazing internship during the summer of 2017 for Patrick Henry College junior Manus Churchill. Churchill had the privilege of working on a wide variety of topics. After the congressional baseball shooting, he helped one of the attorneys brief a congresswoman's chief of staff.

Health Series: Sleep Study

"Make sure you sleep." Within a week of being in college, you have probably heard a professor, a staff member, or a motherly upperclassman say this to you. And while your response is probably a smile or a nod in agreement with their concern, you don't take them up on it.
How to Quickly Find Your Voice as a Writer -

If you are a writer or trying to become one, chances are you've heard the phrase, "you need to find your voice." It is a phrase that evokes mystery and perhaps a little bit of fear. Maybe you think you aren't unique and therefore won't have a voice, but that isn't the truth.
20 Self-Publishing Tools That Will Make You Feel Like a Pro -

So, you're an author. Either that or you're an aspiring one. And while being an author does involve a lot of writing, it's also so much more than that. You have to be your own editor, constantly be productive, and be a task management ninja. In this article, we want to share some basic tools...

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