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Victoria Lim is a wanderer, gummy bears eater, avid tea drinker, mediocre dog walker, and an occasional blogger. She’s in love with life, love, and self-love.

Elephant Journal
How to Take Care of Yourself Every Day for a Healthy Body.

Once our health starts deteriorating, we lose touch of our inner self, our agility, our mental power, and even our whole body. Deteriorate might sound like a harsh word, but the fact remains - if we don't take regular and meticulous care of ourselves each and every day, we might not have a healthy body and mind.

Physique 57
Guest Post: The Tasty Truth- How Super Are Superfoods - Physique 57

Today we have a great guest post about the wide array of "superfoods" currently available on the market. Victoria Lim is a young blogger with a B.Sc. in nutrition. Her fields of expertise include fitness, nutrition, debunking diet myths and walking a dog for miles and miles.

How to start your day

From time to time, getting up in the morning can be an exhausting and nerve-wracking thing, especially in the winter, or when we simply don't want to succumb to the obligations and duties that await us the next day. Sometimes we strive for a long lie-in during the whole week instead just on the weekends.

Mini Guide to Vacationing in Phuket

If you need a reason to travel to and explore the glorious Phuket, well, there sure are many more than just one. The most infamous party island in Thailand has a lot to offer - starting with great weather, friendly people, the amazing food; and you will be surprised with how many more hidden gems are there, waiting for you to explore, and all of this - without breaking a bank.

Guest Post - How to Embrace Fitness in Your Workplace

There are new professions and job posts springing up every day but the problem with most of them is the fact that they involve sitting, and often hours of it. Humans are beings which were born for physical activity, so any job that requires you to sit for hours on end can be quite bad for your health.

Solo Mother Travelling: Selfish or Selfless

Solo Mother Travelling: Selfish or Selfless Being a mother can take its toll on a woman. You are tired all the time, try to find some time for yourself but barely being able to and too many responsibilities leave you frustrated in the end.

Gap Year: boosting and exploring your career options

Almost everyone says that after graduating you have got to go to university and further your education. Many say that if you take a gap year you will fall out of your study routine and that you'll never manage to get back on track.

Low-maintenance Trend: Succulent Garden

Gardening isn't a necessity and source of food for a long time now. What's more, it has become a culture throughout the world. People are adapting their gardens to fit their individual tastes, making it a huge decorative item of our home, almost as an artistic expression.

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