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Passionate, ambitious, and open-minded - let's start something together.

For me, writing is a way to connect and engage with an audience.
There's no better time to write than in the era of online sharing. There's also no better time than now to share a great cat photo, but that's besides the point.

Don't be shy. Contact me at [email protected] or send a carrier pigeon my way anytime!


Sample Articles

5 Successful Startups all Business Enthusiasts Should Know About

An incredible idea can change everything. It may take a gargantuan amount of time, effort, and resources, but eventually it can become the next hugely successful startup. For the business world, startup stories are both interesting and helpful in terms of learning about the next big thing that can change corporate life.

Common Business Travel Problems and Solutions

It's inevitable that at one point of your many airline travels you'll encounter a hiccup or two. It's likely you've already encountered numerous setbacks when it comes to flying. Whether the problems range from mildly inconvenient to absolutely frustrating, chances are they'll seriously impact your productive capacities one way or another.

Her Campus
Role Playing Girl: Tips on Getting into Gaming

The world of gaming is perhaps one of my favourite places to be in - whether it's the immersive storyline, gorgeous graphics, amazing soundtrack, or entertaining game play, there's something around for anyone.

Montreal Stays
Optimize Your Sleep: Tips for the Business Traveller | Montreal Stays

These days it's hard to get a perfect night's rest, especially since there are planes to catch, early morning meetings, late night reports, and any other number of business matters to attend to. A good slumber can directly affect your mood, performance, and overall quality of life.

11/16/2015 Officially a Member of Tourisme Montreal is pleased to announce that we have officially been accepted as a member of Tourisme Montreal. After a few years of debate over the status of short term furnished rentals in Quebec, the government has finally fully legalized this industry.

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Victoria Tran is a passionate writer who uses her writing as a means to engage and interact with an audience. Always on top of the newest technological and viral trends, she loves innovative ways to form new connections.

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Victoria Tran

Victoria is the head of Public Relations and a writer for Her Campus McGill. She enjoys writing on all topics, particularly health and technology. In her spare time, she studies Sociology, Communications, and Medicine at McGill.