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My love affair with language began when I was 11 years old and Harry Potter's world of enchantment and mystery consumed my world. Voraciously consuming books from every genre, my vocabulary exploded and I began creating my own poetry and short stories.
During my academic career, I honed my critical thinking and communication skills creating original research papers utilizing information from peer reviewed articles regarding best practices in Mass Communication, preparing for a career in marketing or journalism.
I write about what fuels me, civil rights, intersectionality and representation in film, beauty, and health and wellness. How can one focus on a single piece of life to report on, when there are infinite possibilities available?



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StArt on the Street brings more than art | The Pulse Magazine

In 2002, stART on The Street was a small start-up looking to change the cultural landscape in Worcester. Its goal was to create a community platform for local artists that was also financially accessible. Fast-forward 15 years, and stART is now the cultural event of the year, acting as a staple for the Worcester community.


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Out with the cold, in with the new | The Pulse Magazine

Spring is exciting! But after a brutally cold winter, many have been left with problematic skin as a result of elemental exposure. Itchy and dry skin can leave you feeling uncomfortable and embarrassed. If post-winter skin woes have you crawling in your skin, give our list of spring must-haves a try to make your seasonal transition seamless.

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Designer Profile: Maccadu Clothing | The Pulse Magazine

At first glance, Vance Wentworth ‑ also known as Mac ‑ seems like your average 22-year-old from the city, sporting ripped jeans and a hoodie. The creator of the Maccadu brand is indeed approachable and humble. Wentworth first fell in love with fashion in high school, initially aiming to design sneakers.

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Be fierce + fabulous for Halloween | The Pulse Magazine

Do you long to look as powerful as Wonder Woman or as frightening as a werewolf? We have sought out the perfect products to create a fabulous Halloween look, from the perfect makeup to the best costume shop, this is your Halloween go-to reference guide.

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Your dorm outfitted | The Pulse Magazine

Going back to school for another year of college is exciting, exhausting and expensive. When you move in to your dorm room, you want to be organized and feel like you've created your own space. We've searched out fun products that will keep your assignments organized and your room tranquil.

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Beauty reboot | The Pulse Magazine

The summer is wonderful - beach trips, hikes into the mountains and cocktails by the pool. We hate to see it come to an end. But with all that fun in the sun, your body takes a beating. Lobster-red sunburns, sweat-clogged pores and parched hair leave your beauty routine exhausted and dried out.



Local actress hopes to incite a movement | The Pulse Magazine

Worcester native Maya Morales is a multi-faceted, artistic powerhouse whose acting repertoire includes television, film and stage. Morales began acting at age nine, but her desire to perform began as a toddler. "I remember being into artsy stuff because my parents had me start dancing at age two.

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Ecotarium's Great Pumpkin Nights | The Pulse Magazine

In former years, the EcoTarium has hosted a Pumpkin Festival, boasting carved pumpkins, trick-or-treating for children and the opportunity to explore the museum after hours. This year, however, the EcoTarium will be hosting Great Pumpkin Nights. And the focus, according to Kerry Castorano, the EcoTarium's director of institutional advancement, is on the wow factor.

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September is a great month for foodies | The Pulse Magazine

If you are a foodie living in Central Massachusetts, two festivals this month will help you kick off fall with a burst of flavor. The Chili and Chowder Festival and The Clustertruck Festival are coming to Worcester in September. The Chili and Chowder Festival is organized by Pulse, in collaboration with the City of Worcester.


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