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Victoria A Leigh - 李妍妍

Location icon United Kingdom

INTO Manchester International Student Services, book reviewer for the University of Leeds' Writing Chinese forum, and eternal student of everything

British Council Generation UK China Scholarship (Qingdao University)

University of Leeds BA (Hons) Modern Chinese

HSK5 2020

Twitter: @valeigh88



Writing Chinese Book Review Network

Leeds Centre For New Chinese Writing
Wild Fruit by Sheng Keyi

Review of Sheng Keyi's family drama 'Wild Fruit'

Leeds Centre For New Chinese Writing
Young Babylon by Lu Nei

Review of darkly comic 'Young Babylon' by Lu Nei.

Leeds Centre For New Chinese Writing
Northern Girls by Sheng Keyi

Review of Sheng Keyi's biting, emotive debut novel 'Northern Girls'

Leeds Centre For New Chinese Writing
Massage by Bi Feiyu | Writing Chinese

Review of Massage by Bi Feiyu, set in modern day Nanjing around the lives of several Chinese massage therapists

Leeds Centre For New Chinese Writing
Vicki Leigh : The Leeds Centre for New Chinese Writing

Leeds Modern Chinese Studies graduate, British Council Generation UK China Scholarship recipient. Patriarchy-dismantler by day, tango dancer by night, and proofreading student.

EAST Magazine

EAST Magazine
EAST Magazine 2013-14 Edition

The 2013-14 summer issue of EAST Magazine in association with the Business Confucius Institute at the University of Leeds (BCIUL) and The China Daily, which brings together a spectrum of East Asian topics, ranging from Society and Culture, Environment, Travel, Politics, and Getting Out There. Contributions: p4, 10, 55, and 74-5.


We need to talk about Okja.

Yes, yes we do need to talk about Okja.Films with a 'vegan message' are usually relegated to indie shorts on the fringe, such as The Herd. Majestic and as hard-hitting as it is, it just hasn't reached a mainstream platform that has got the world talking about veganism, and the reasons behind it.Until Netflix.Netflix has been at the forefront of some game-changing commentaries on today's society since its inception.

China + veganism = ?

'China' and 'veganism' aren't two words the typical person would put together, are they? The proverbial workshop of the world, it has everything: huge skyscrapers, an unbroken 5000-year old history, and a horrific record of animal rights abuses.

This much I know: being vegan

Count me in as one of the more recent converts to veganism: I'm not an old timer, and certainly not a newbie. But my newfound lifestyle has garnered me some useful insights for those who may feel alone in transitioning, or who are considering changing the way they eat.

5 Vegans (Reasons) Why!

Five (techically six!) trailblazing vegans (l-r clockwise) who make 'going vegan' look as easy and tasty and as it actually is! People, behold…Fat Gay VeganOr, Sean O'Callaghan to his mum, Aussie FGV divides his time between the UK and Mexico. Bet you didn't know Mexico City, land of tons of meat-based street food, has a booming vegan scene did you?


The Mole Diaries: Qingdao

Victoria is on a British Council Generation UK Study China scholarship. She is studying Chinese at Qingdao University for a semester. Here's her advice!


You can locate various cuisines in Vilnius, from traditional Lithuanian 'village-peasant' fare of herring and potato dumplings, to Italian, Spanish, Chinese and Brazilian, so wherever you hail from and whatever you are craving, you will be able to find something to cater to your tastes.

The Mole Diaries: Beijing

Victoria is 24, studies Mandarin Chinese at Leeds University and spent her Year Abroad studying at Capital Normal University in Haidian District, Beijing. Here, she passes on her advice about all things accommodation, travel, shopping and nightlife...


As far as capital cities go, you can't find bigger or much more of a metropolis than Beijing. Workers come from all over the country to earn a Beijing-weighted salary and this is evident in particular at rush hour on public transport, where sometimes there is no room to swing a cat.


Why should you choose Shanghai for your year abroad? Shanghai is London on steroids, and that's all you need to know. Where else can you find a golden Buddhist temple in the middle of a busy main road (Jing An Temple)? Where else can you find the glaringly gorgeous skyline of The Bund?

How a YA in East Asia will differ from a YA in Europe

Considering a year abroad, but not sure whether you will be better suited to Europe or East Asia? Here are some important factors to consider before filling out your year abroad destination forms!

Leeds University East Asian Studies 50th Anniversary 2013

Leeds University East Asian Studies Newsletter 2013

Leeds University East Asian Studies Newsletter 2013

Summary of the 2012-2013 academic year for East Asian Studies at Leeds, which was a great success on so many levels.

Leeds University East Asian Studies Newsletter 2013
Chinese Alumni Spotlight: Jonathan Sullivan

Jon remembers his time in Taiwan, how he felt upon returning to Leeds, and on how his current institution - Nottingham University - is leading the pack in UK university campus global expansion.

Leeds University East Asian Studies Newsletter 2013
Thai Alumni Spotlight: Grace Robinson

Grace shows a career using Thai can be just as varied and fulfilling as any other language, plus her favourite aspects of the Year Abroad.

Leeds University East Asian Studies Newsletter 2013
Chinese Staff Spotlight: Li Ruru

Ruru talks candidly about how her experiences during China's Cultural Revolution from 1966-1976 affected her, and how she feels after serving 25 years as lecturer in Chinese at Leeds.

Leeds University East Asian Studies Newsletter 2013
Thai Staff Spotlight: Martin Seeger

Martin reveals exciting research within Thai contemporary history, why he advocates the East Asian second year being spent abroad and his love for teaching Thai.

Leeds University East Asian Studies Newsletter 2013
Chinese Current Student Spotlight: Aleksander Jablonski

Aleks recalls how he overcame initial culture shock upon arriving to study in the UK, and contemplates how studying in Shanghai has affected his outlook and plans for his future.

Leeds University East Asian Studies Newsletter 2013
Postcards from East Asian Studies

A special feature whereby four students from East Asian Studies reflect on their experiences at Leeds through postcards on a 'noticeboard'.


Five more things to do in Vilnius

Despite Vilnius being small by European standards, there is just no shortage of things to do in this off-the-beaten-track, fun-sized city!

Wondrous Warsaw

Warsaw is the beating heart of Poland, and for some, of the whole of Eastern Europe. Known as the 'Phoenix City' after having risen from the ashes of so many ruinous wars,

The Lithuania Tribune - English language features

The Lithuania Tribune
Baltic Pride 2013 – The March for Equality

Exclusive with the Swedish Minister for European Affairs Birgitta Ohlsson, and Stuart Milk, nephew of the late US LGBT rights activist, and the first openly gay Californian politician, Harvey Milk.

The Lithuania Tribune - Chinese translated articles

Lippy - No Gloss

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