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Vicky Wong

Copywriter | Editor

Location icon Hong Kong

Committed copywriter and communication specialist, indulged in creating impactful and most appealing bilingual digital copies according to your needs.

Experienced in corporate and newsroom settings, she demonstrates her works in a high variety of styles to appeal to different targets.

Contact: [email protected]


Website Content | 網頁

This Hong Kong Life Podcast
Descriptions & Blurbs | Podcast Show

Writing blurbs for a podcast created by KELY Support Group (KELY) that highlights stories and conversations with a variety of Hong Kong's youths all from different backgrounds. This podcast is broadcasted on RTHK3, Apple Podcast, Spotify and Buzzsprout, reaching over thousands of audiences so far.

Sound of the Earth Music and Arts Foundation Limited
Website Content Development | SOE

Developing bilingual website content for a local charity organisation.

KELY Support Group
Website Landing Page

Writing for the landing page of a Policy Document, cohering to brand guidelines and aiming to enhance reputation and image of the organisation.

KELY Support Group
Christmas Appeal Campaign

Every nonprofit needs a story to resonate with the audience - the one that touches the softest bottom of their hearts, hitting the right nerve to achieve charity goals.

Publications | 出版

Local Charity
Annual Report | 2020

Editing and translating the content of annual report, ranging from introduction to programme briefs, work description, statistical analysis, presentation with tables and graphics and more, cohering to brand guidelines.

European Office of Hong Kong & Macau; Consulate General of Germany Hong Kong; Ponte Singers & Orchestra
Brochure | Nov 2020

Writing bilingual content for HK and Macau's European Offices as well as the Consulate General of Germany on a musical event involving over 70 musicians and up to a thousand audiences, including Caspar Tsui, Secretary for Home Affairs, Vice Chancellors of local Universities, Presses (RTHK, SCMP, HKFP and more), etc.

Ponte Singers & Orchestra
Brochure | July 2020

Creating bilingual content for the brochure of a local musical concert, to explain technical musical terms in a pleasing and engaging way to appeal over 800 audiences.

KELY Support Group
E-Newsletter | May 2021 (Chinese & English)

Developing all English and Chinese content for the quarterly e-newsletter distributed through Mailchimp to over thousands of subscribers, providing accurate and attractive descriptions of the works of the charity. Involve story-telling when necessary.

KELY Support Group
E-Newsletter | Feb 2021 (Chinese & English)

Developing all content, both graphics and text, for the quarterly e-newsletter distributed through Mailchimp to thousands of subscribers, with engaging and lively descriptions of youth work. Featured interview are included.

Ponte Singers & Orchestra
Brochure | Nov 2019

Creating English Content for the brochure of a local orchestra on their musical concert. Apart from the bewitching description of work, a unique story was told on each music piece with engaging tone and delivery.

Ponte Singers & Orchestra
Brochure | Oct 2019

Writing content for the brochure of a musical event in Hong Kong, including introduction, words from artistic director, biographies, music briefs and more.

Ponte Singers & Orchestra
Brochure | March 2019

Writing both Chinese & English content for the Brochure of a cultural event, which requires intensive research and simple explanation of technical music terms to appeal to a wide range of audiences.

Media | 媒體

European Office of Hong Kong & Macau; Consulate General of Germany Hong Kong
Press Release for an European Cultural Event

Writing a press release for HK and Macau's European Offices as well as the Consulate General of Germany on a cross-border cultural event involving over 70 musicians and nearly a thousand audiences, appealing to presses who joined the event including RTHK, SCMP, HKFP and more.

The Weez Project
Post Event Release | March 2021

Writing post event release for the successful conclusion of all events under Weez Week 2021, sending out to reach over hundreds of English and Chinese Presses.

The Weez Project
Press Release | Feb 2021

Writing official press releases for media pitching, reaching more than hundreds of local English press and attracted interviews for the events.

Ponte Singers & Orchestra
Press Release for Musical Event

Writing press releases for a local musical group on their musical event involving more than 100 local musicians.

Feature Articles | 專題

Ubeat Magazine
Award-winning Chinese Featured Article

A Chinese featured article makes her the Winner of the Student Journalist (CN) in Mind HK Media Awards 2019. It describes the immense challenges and difficulties faced by local care givers, mostly the elderly, unveiling the worrying situation of mental health and well-being in society.

Ubeat Magazine
Featured Article | March 2019

A Chinese feature article on the undesirable internship experiences faced by local University students, published in a printed magazine.

Aura Music | Premiere Performances
Feature Interview Writing

Transcribing and writing interview blurbs for interviews with international musicians including Chiyan Wong, Jimmy Chiang and Zee Zee.

Multimedia Production | 多媒體

Now Report (經緯線), NowTV News
Feature Programme | 滾筒裡的人

Producing a feature as a reporter with Now Report, a programme which covers the realms of political and social issues. It uncovers the daily living of people living in poverty in Hong Kong.