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Vesela Bodurova

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The Human Rights Doctrine at AUBG

People to People International AUBG Chapter organized a court simulation on a human rights case on Tuesday, 18th of November. Some of the members of PTPI represented judges; others were representatives of the plaintiff or the EU Commission and European states. The emblematic case was Tanja Kreil v.

The Elephant In The Room: Collaborative Overload

Collaboration has become a buzzword. And for a good reason. Geoff Colvin argues that "in a world of exponentially increasing complexity, no one person or firm can do it all, so those that can work well with others have a distinct advantage." Collaboration is definitely non negotiable and here to stay.

5 Tools to Work Smarter, not Harder

For me, autumn has always been the season for new beginnings. I got inspired to make a list of my favorite tools that get work done faster. I use them

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10 things I've learned from living abroad - my story

1. You no longer speak one language, in my case you mix all three. 2. You learn that patience is a virtue. A really important one. 3. You learn how to ask for help. And you learn to count your blessings.

The Wearable Revolution on the Factory Floor - WORKERBASE Blog

The arrival of Industry 4.0 paired with lower hardware prices and longer battery life made wearables a natural choice. Half of manufacturers are to adopt wearable technology by 2022. In other words, the connected factory of the future starts becoming a reality.

Newsletter 2009-4

Message of the President | PTPI Experiences | Coming Events | PTPI Updates | Chapter Reports | Download as PDF | | Dear Friends, Last week, I was with PTPI friends visiting one of the Christmas markets in Berlin. Gl├╝hwein and wonderful decorations, music and friends - it really got me in the spirit.

Learning Languages with Flashcards

Using flashcards for learning languages is highly benefiicial. They stimulate the visual memory and save your time in the long run because there is no unnecessary repetition of questions that you have already answered correctly. They are portable and you can learn on the go.

Finding the right ebook for you

Not sure what you want to read next? Then click on the tab Categories on XinXii's webpage and start exploring. The topics are ordered alphabetically and there is a great variety of ebooks you can choose from. Let's say you want to explore the category Philosophy to get some inspiration for a new project or just to learn about Aristotle.

Lingua Viewpoint

I recently graduated Georgetown University with a MA in Conflict Resolution and Peace Studies and I am currently working at the National Democratic Institute in Washington, DC. I was born and raised in Mongolia, but my family originally comes from Kazakhstan. I studied at the American University in Bulgaria before moving to the US.

10 Questions to... Christopher Hoare

We are starting a new project on the blog. The goal of '10 Questions to...' is to present promising authors who have chosen to self-publish their books. Our first guest is Christopher Hoare, the author of Visiting Pemberly I live with my wife, Shirley, and two shelter dogs, Coco and Emmie, in the foothills of the Canadian Rockies.

10 Questions to... Karl Jones

Although he's travelled the world, and seen much of life, Jones prefers to be sat in the quiet of his home with his laptop, writing. His fictions are set in places which mirror his homeland, and much of his inspiration is drawn from his surroundings.


I have been trying not to use plastic cups for my coffee but to have a reusable mug of my own. I love mugs and they can be found in different styles and colors. This is very simple and everyone can do it.

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