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I'm an award winning writer and communicator with over 10 years of content marketing, copy writing, public relations, public affairs, videography and social media experience with non-profit and corporate institutions.

I'm an expert public speaker and regularly moderate panels, and host and emcee conferences and events.

I love to tell stories! Can I tell yours?




United Way
Helping our community go places

The next time you're riding the bus, take a moment to look at your fellow riders. You may even recognize a few: maybe the passenger who has a similar work commute or someone who shares your stop. Now, take a moment to ask yourself: who is missing from this picture?

Jewish Seniors Alliance
Hard Conversations Made Easier: How to Speak with Aging Parents

Conversations about housing, finances and health care can be hard. These subjects can be even more difficult to broach with an aging parent. Many of us struggle, asking ourselves: When is the right time to have these conversations? Can I tell my mum that I worry about her falling?

What do our Core Values really Mean?

Here at Big Sisters of BC Lower Mainland, we revolve around three core values. Here's what they are: As an organization that seeks to build self-esteem, we believe that every person has limitless potential and individual strengths.

The Perfect Match: Big Sister Cori & Little Sister Tianna

Reflecting on her own childhood, which was challenged with dysfunctional family dynamics, Cori states that she and her Little Sister, Tianna, are incredibly well matched, likely because they had similar childhoods. Despite initial nervousness, Cori and Tianna's relationship has blossomed into an affectionate, compassionate, and fun-filled friendship. "We were both nervous at first.

United Way
3 helpful tips when you're new at school - United Way

It's hard to be new. Whether it's the first day of a new job, starting high school, or joining a sports team - there is something uniquely nerve-wracking about a fresh start. "We've all been there," says Calem Forster, a Leadership 10 student at Clayton Heights Secondary School in Surrey.

Lifetimes of Achievement

“What can I say—I’ve always been good with numbers,” laughs John Dawson, when asked how he first came to the CA profession.

From Shyness to the First in her Family to Graduate Post-Secondary

Twelve years ago I was fortunate enough to enter the amazing Big Sisters Mentoring Program. I was only 10 years old and growing up with a single mom. I wanted a Big Sister after seeing my brother's relationship with his Big Brother, Andrew, as I'd seen how much fun they were having and what an amazing role model Andrew was to him.

United Way
Food is a powerful community builder

Food is a powerful community-builder. It brings people together, bridging cultural and generational divides. It shapes our understanding of the world. "Food is about dignity," says Kevin Huang, co-founder of the Hua Foundation, a youth-driven non-profit organization based in Vancouver's Chinatown. "Food keeps us alive.

United Way
The young leaders of East Vancouver show their local love

Gavin Clark wants to challenge the kinds of conversations we have about teenagers and youth. As the Community Schools Coordinator at Templeton Secondary School in East Vancouver, Gavin sees firsthand how engaged and passionate his students are about civic issues that matter to them.

United Way
How unions lead the way on inclusion - United Way

Take a moment and ask yourself: what difference have labour unions made in your life? Safer working conditions, or the five-day work week may be the first things that come to mind. What you may not know is the far-ranging impact unions have had on policies that shape how inclusive we are as a society.

Leave A Legacy Vancouver
Planning for the Next Generation

Shelley Parker thought about becoming a Big Sister for a long time before signing up for an information session.

United Way
Park programs help community pop in South Vancouver

By design, parks are "bumping spaces" - a place to bump into your neighbours, and make connections that build community. But sometimes that bumping needs a little nudge. Young mom Han loves to spend time with her daughter Amy at their local South Vancouver park.

United Way
In it together for Abbotsford youth

Every day we see how unignorable issues can negatively impact our communities. Here in the Lower Mainland and Fraser Valley, child vulnerability is an unignorable issue. Almost 1 in 10 local kids say that they don't think a single adult cares about them.

BC Check-Up

How is BC’s economy shaping up? How did its economic performance compare to Alberta, Ontario, and the rest of Canada?

United Way
How a River builds community

Do you believe in a world where everyone is proud of who they are? Where leaders encourage, empower and take action with others? Do you believe in the power of community? Every day, 15-year-old River helps build this reality for his classmates, his teammates, his family and his friends.


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