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I was born in Maputo, Mozambique but have lived in five different countries since i was three years old. I studied screenwriting and producing for film and television, but at the same time wrote articles for different publications both online and print. I recently finished my MA in Gender, Society and Representation at UCL. I am currently based in Washington DC.

Oxford's students are diversifying their theatre scene | gal-dem

Medea wouldn't be my first choice to put on stage: a Greek tragedy written in 431 BCE, centred on a woman's desire for revenge against her unfaithful husband. It definitely wouldn't be my first choice to be the first ever production by an all BAME cast and crew at Oxford University.

Memunatu Magazine
Monica Jahan Bose: Art as Activism

With the climate change and female empowerment a major focus in people's conversations, it seemed only fitting to catch up with one of the speakers from last year's Day of the Girl event Memunatu hosted. Monica Jahan Bose is an artist and activist whose works largely deal with topics such as climate change, gender, and identity.

Memunatu Magazine
Where is the Campaign to End Sexual Assault in Schools?

MeToo, a movement activist Tarana Burke started ten years ago, has resurfaced and spread on social media platforms like wildfire over the past two weeks. Women around the world have been sharing their stories of sexual harassment and assault by posting the two words, effectively raising awareness of the breadth of the issue and promoting solidarity.

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Memunatu Magazine
The Impact of Floods on Girls and Women

Over the past month, the world has seen extreme weather devastate nations. With so much focus on hurricanes Irma and Harvey in the US, some of the flooding that has been happening in Africa and Asia is being overlooked. In mid-August for example, Sierra Leone's capital, Freetown, was badly hit by floods and mudslides, with a casualty number exceeding one thousand.

Joy Crookes: Turning Bad Choices into Summer Jams | gal-dem

It's been a minute since Joy Crookes has officially released a single. Her third official track 'Bad Feeling' is proving to cement her place and sound among the new wave of British soul. Hailing from south London, one could easily dismiss her as a young Amy Winehouse circa the Frank album, but Joy finds inspiration from her mixed family and surroundings.

" Fresh Art and Words

@Mozwrites Being on your period can vary from a small inconvenience to enough pain and discomfort to call in a sick day. For many, that 'time of the month' becomes a crippling factor to their advancement. It is estimated that 1 out of 10 girls doesn't finish schooling because they are not able to manage their periods hygienically and with dignity .

Straight Outta Melanin: Pigment of Imagination

First things first, apologies for the title. But let’s be honest, if this had been titled something along the lines of Ruminations on Race: Navigating Race relations in Cinema in the so-called post-Obama age we both would have fallen asleep.The current debate over the current crop of Oscar nominees has severely polarized public opinion.

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