Valentina Valentini


I am a freelance journalist who was based in Los Angeles for eight years writing about the entertainment industry for the likes of Vanity Fair, Variety, Vulture and other publications of that ilk (not all beginning with V).

Two years ago, I put my belongings in storage and began the life of a digital nomad, writing personal essays, travel pieces, cultural and human interest stories and adventurous tales. Now, I've hung up my nomadic shoes and am living in London completing my Masters in Creative Nonfiction. I still travel around Europe and chase stories as much as possible because, let's be honest, the travel bug never does go away.

I am also a copywriter and producer when the right situation calls for it.

United Kingdom


GOOD Magazine

The Vigilante Pastor

Every day, Pastor Gennadiy Mokhnenko fights two wars. He tries to keep the Russian Army at bay from taking over his Ukranian home of Mariupol, and he tries to save children...

Los Angeles Magazine

Why a Bunch of English Expats in the Film Industry Formed a Soccer Club - Los Angeles Magazine

The UFP is an eclectic mix of directors, screenwriters, two pro soccer players, and an heir to the British throne Photograph by Chris Baldwin Body slams, broken ribs,...


Universal Pictures' Tumblr

"Trainwreck" Infographic

All copy and image choices by Valentina Valentini

Universal Pictures' Tumblr

This is Your Brain on Drugs: 7 Mind-Altering Science Fiction Movies

All copy and research by Valentina Valentini.

JPMorgan Chase's News & Stories

Emmy Nominations Usher in a New Era of Content

67th Emmy® nominations ceremony, of which JPMorgan is a sponsor. Present at ceremony, interviews after and use of original research to create a newsy and short piece.

JP Morgan Chase's News & Stories

6 Fun Facts About This Year's US Open

Insider Access listicle for lead sponsor JPMorgan Chase. Copy from internal brief and research.

Kodak's InCamera Magazine

The Independent Filmmakers Co-Operative Ignites Passion for Film

Attended meeting and used original research for copy.

Kodak's InCamera Magazine

Super 8 Gets a Ticket to Hollywood on American Idol

Original interview shortened for story. Research for background.