Valentina Valentini


I am a freelance journalist who was based in Los Angeles for eight years writing about the entertainment industry for the likes of Vanity Fair, Variety, Vulture and other publications of that ilk (not all beginning with V).

Two years ago, I put my belongings in storage and began the life of a digital nomad, writing personal essays, travel pieces, cultural and human interest stories and adventurous tales. Now, I've hung up my nomadic shoes and am living in London completing my Masters in Creative Nonfiction. I still travel around Europe and chase stories as much as possible because, let's be honest, the travel bug never does go away.

I am also a copywriter and producer when the right situation calls for it.

United Kingdom


Entertainment Tonight

Meet Director Colin Trevorrow, 'Jurassic World's New Alpha

Most of us remember exactly where we were when Steven Spielberg's Jurassic Park opened in 1993. For me, it was the day school got out and I was holding the sweaty hand of Johnny...


Why Colin Hanks Turned to a Painful Story for His Second Documentary

Colin Hanks was in New York City for the Tribeca Film Festival when he decided to visit the 9/11 Memorial Museum last April. "What really resonated with me-the thing that made...


Ruth Wilson Navigates Shades of Gray, On and Off of The Affair

In over a decade of film and television work, Ruth Wilson has played characters named Alice or Alison no less than four times-on the British series Freezing, three seasons of...


The ad industry is taking a huge step toward including female directors

Mashable Debuts exclusively premieres music, videos, artwork, trailers and more. You saw it here first! Two months ago, Mashable exclusively reported that less than 10% of...

Vanity Fair

Yes, There Is Room for Two O.J. Simpson Miniseries

Around the second episode of O.J.: Made in America, you may think to yourself, "Not much has changed in 22 years." Football players are still American heroes, celebrity scandals...

Vanity Fair

Inside Sundance's Holy Hell, With Exclusive Photographs of Cult Life at Buddhafield

When a movie that is set to premiere at Sundance Film Festival has an anonymous director, it's sure to create buzz.


Black List Celebrates 10 Years as Haven for Screenwriters

In a business where the highest praise is often reserved for directors and stars, the Black List aims to be a haven for writers - an archive where the creators of concept,...


Sundance Valley or Silicon Film Festival? Either way, it's getting there

PARK CITY, Utah - It's been a while since Sundance was just about buying and selling movies, and as much as film purists may hate to admit it, technology companies have staked...


Johnny Simmons Finds His Footing

After dozens of roles as "that kid you recognize but can't remember his name" in films like The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World , and Robert Redford's...

Boston Magazine

John Cena Embraces His Comedic Side in 'Trainwreck'

(It's never a good idea to start off a story with a cliché, but bear with me a moment.) Don't judge a book by its cover. (It's also never a good idea to start off a story with...


Orange Is the New Black's Matt McGorry on Why Bennett Wants to Be a Hero But Can't

Matt McGorry - now a household name because of his roles as Officer Bennett on Orange Is the New Black and Asher Millstone on How to Get Away With Murder - premiered a film, How...

Fast Company

Refinery29 Already Has 25 Million Fans, Now It Wants To Win At Sundance

The lower Manhattan Refinery29 office in spring is the real-life equivalent of the lifestyle company's website. It's all whites and pastels, women everywhere in fashion-forward...

Culture & Sports

See what it's like behind the wheel of an iconic monster truck

Krysten Anderson, 21, has rounded out her first year as a professional Monster Jam truck driver with Grave Digger as her chariot. Her story is one of legacy: Anderson's father,...


The ACLU's Defense of John Oliver is Freakin' Hilarious

On July 21, late night talk show host John Oliver had a defamation of character lawsuit brought against him and HBO - who airs his weekly satirical news hour, Last Week Tonight...


The Weekend Warriors Taking Women's Motocross to the Next Level

Photo by Marque McMasters The dirt bike scene held its first female-focused motocross race 44 years ago with the Powder Puff Nationals in Valencia, California. Since then, other...


How the Cinematographer of 'Transparent' Captures the Female Gaze

Jim Frohna on the set of I Love Dick. Image courtesy Amazon "We look forward to another season of comedy and drama, love and weirdness, God and sex-in the service of community...


Rural Film Festivals Are the Next Frontier of LGBTQ Tolerance

In the fall of 2015, in tiny Lewisburg, West Virginia, Tim Ward and Jon Matthews were gearing up for the second annual Appalachian Queer Film Festival (AQFF for short). Their...

VICE Sports

Meet the Three-Year-Old Skater Sponsors Are Already Sending Gear | VICE Sports

Three-year-old Athen Camacho is quite possibly the youngest sponsored skateboarder in the world. Right now, he's sitting on the cement crying, because his father, Tony, won't...

VICE Sports

The Drone Racing Gold Rush | VICE Sports

Inside the abandoned Hawthorne Plaza Mall in L.A., about 15 minutes from LAX, the buzz of drones echoed eerily through the 900,000-square-foot space. The cool cement and...