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Life Changing Secret

The issue is that most people haven't been shown the value of energy , so when it comes to creating a life full of health, wealth and prosperity they don't see where to really begin. You have great...

WOMBMEN SPEAK OUT | We Create Life, We Create Law - Steemit

There is a severe Retardation going on with people in reference to the matter of sex & gender. Sex being the biological state of a person ( male, female ) gender being the societal structures that make up the "norm" of such sex.

Universoul Creatrix
How To Manifest True Love INSTANTLY | Never Be Lonely Again!

All My Life.. since being a little girl, There's a vision of true love that I keep incredibly close to my heart. I'm sure many can relate. The balance and harmony that Divine Masculine And Feminine bring to one another once they have become one enthralls me and warms my heart to it's very core.

Universoul Creatrix
7 Commandments of Love Teaser

A teaser to an Online e-book that teaches the 7 principles of love that when applied can change lives through the spiritual mind.

ONENESS - Is Recognizing There Are Multiple Parts To The Whole - Steemit

Greetings, it is Esaia Mystic.. Coming to you with a powerful post + message. The heavy prescense Of Uriel runs with us, as we tap into the greatest depths of the mind to bring the Secrets Of The Sentinel 🐍. What is Uriel ? The Prescense Of Devine light & Wisdom.

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