Trina Anne Khoo

writing & SEO content strategy

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I am an English-Mandarin bilingual and digital native familiar with content strategy and content creation for print and digital media platforms, including social media. I enjoy adapting to different workplaces, and have gained experience in both the public and private sector, from foreign affairs, news media, finance, to STEM Education, in Singapore and the UK.

I'd describe myself as an energetic, fun-loving and disciplined cultural chameleon who enjoys adapting and learning about the different cultures of the countries I visit or live in. I crave and thrive in challenging, fast-paced, high-pressure environments. Most importantly, I am a self-starter who enjoys taking charge of my projects. Both a wordsmith & a numbers person.

In my free time, I enjoy researching into ethnolinguistics, music production, guitar specs and underground rave culture, as well as keeping up with latest trends in arts & culture in both the East and West.

Drop me a message or contact me at [email protected]!


B2B Content Writing

Client (Real Estate Developer)
Prudential to be anchor tenant in Phnom Penh's new Global Tech Exchange

Global insurance and financial Services giant Prudential has come on board to be the anchor tenant of Phnom Penh's newest skyscraper development, set for launch in 2022. This launch of Prudential's new office comes just in time to mark their first decade of presence in Cambodia.

Client (Real Estate Developer)
Office spaces of the future: Workspaces after COVID-19

Apart from the physical office space, other aspects of going to work will change in the post-lockdown world. Public transit systems like buses and train networks risk becoming hotspots for transmission of the coronavirus. Previous norms like standing elbow to elbow in a crowded bus or squeezing into a crowded train carriage at peak hour will now be viewed with apprehension.

Medium (Spec Piece)
Brands selling on online marketplaces should take caution. Here’s why.

Online marketplaces are platforms where third-party companies can register as sellers and are allowed to sell products to customers directly, whereas e-commerce sites are online stores where the brand(s) sell their own products on their own website, and the product inventory is owned by the website owners.


The New Paper
Demystifying home loans

Even the most seasoned home loan customer might be confused about the best way to get a mortgage, but obtaining a home loan is not as complicated a process as you'd expect. UOB reveals the truth behind common home loan myths

The Straits Times
Breaking the Silence

The grief and shock following the death of a loved one can leave family members bewildered about what to do next. Trina Anne Khoo explains the process to make a difficult journey a little easier

News Journalism

The Straits Times
Cheerleading: More than glitter and pom-poms

It was 8pm on a Tuesday recently and the basketball court and surrounding open space at *Scape Orchard was empty, save for some cheerleaders from the independent team Legacy All Stars. The workday may have ended for most, but for these cheerleaders it is the start of their practice session.

The Straits Times
Clubs fighting for younger members

Country club memberships could soon become an obsolete aspiration, their charm waning among the under-35s. This set is fragmented in their interests, and less enamoured by country clubs - networking havens where an exclusive who's who socialised over golf.

Regulars bid farewell to 31-year-old Funan

THERE have been more cardboard boxes than customers in the shops at Funan DigitaLife Mall on some evenings this week while the piped music has been accompanied by the sound of tape being pulled from dispensers. The six-storey North Bridge Road shopping centre, which specialises in electronics and IT-related goods, will close its doors for the final time tonight after...

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