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The Globe - Point Park University's Student Newspaper
Point Park settles lawsuit for $1.4 million

New details have emerged about the lawsuit settled a week ago, filed by a former employee of Point Park University who alleged financial aid misconduct and a subsequent cover-up last year, including that the university settled out of court for $1.4 million.

The Daily News McKeesport
McKeesport's Soap Box Derby heritage continues

As Justin Limley gears up for the Stock Division's championship race at the Greater Pittsburgh Soap Box Derby, his dad pats him on the back and says, "One more time."

The Daily News McKeesport
White Oak welcomes local hero home after fourth tour in Iraq

Airman 1st Class Adam Giran still can remember hearing the call for a medic over the radio when an improvised explosive device hit and injured a contractor in the vehicle in front of him while serving as a gunner in a 30-truck convoy in March 2005 in Iraq.

The Globe - Point Park University's Student Newspaper
Activists attempt to freeze igloo metdown

Mary Ann Anitori remembers the Mellon Arena as the place where her husband asked her out on their first date.

The Globe - Point Park University's Student Newspaper
Ravenstahl discusses tax with college media outlets

Mayor Luke Ravenstahl played defense in his office on Thursday, Nov. 19 with college media, explaining he has "no choice" but to fight for the tuition tax despite admitting "a level of unfairness to the tax."