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Writer/Contributor from Southern California

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Tracee California is a writer from Southern California. As a contributor, she writes for BallerStatus.com and Black Girl Nerds. She is the Owner/Operator of the lifestyle and entertainment blog Tracee California.

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Here Are 3 Social Issues That 'Little Shop of Horrors' Secretly Tackled

Little Shop of Horrors has always been one of those films that screams, "I made this movie in two days!" due to its overly dramatic acting, cheesy set design, and seemingly outlandish plot. At the time of its release back in December of 1986, the production saw poor numbers, pulling in a mere $39M at the box office after being allotted a $25M budget.

Tommy x Zendaya Capsule To Include Plus Sizes

Photo courtesy of Essence The lineup for Essence Magazine's annual Essence Festival has been released and the bill will surely make you want to neglect yours and buy a ticket ASAP! Gearing up for their 25th anniversary, Essence has procured top notch acts to celebrate the quarter century milestone.

5 Female Rappers You Should Know

No other culture has impacted the world in the way that Hip-Hop has. While lyricists make up only one element of the all encompassing art, they are often placed at the forefront of it, and there are some pretty dope female emcees that are graciously and fearlessly leading the charge.

A Look Inside HBO's First-Ever Insecure Fest

This Summer, HBO's hit series Insecure, from writer and creator Issa Rae, returns for its third season, and what better way to kick-off this southern Cali-based show than a festival? Luckily, BallerStatus got a chance to experience the outdoor festivities at the first-ever Insecure Fest, as well as a first look screening at the season premiere, and we're ready to dish about all the juicy deets.

5 Of The Dopest Slides & Sporty Sandals To Wear This Summer

As the summer approaches, one accessory that never disappoints in keeping your toesies the coolest are sandals, but wearing the same rubber thong flip flops can be quite the boring fashion statement. Style comes in all shapes, sizes, and shoes, so you'll never have to settle for the same stale $2 sale again, although a good pair will do in a pinch.

Better Than Throwing Away Money at the Strip Club

When Jay-Z spoke these words in his controversial song "The Story of OJ," regardless of how offended other rappers who often patronize this sort of lifestyle felt, he was giving the black community the heart of the ocean; the biggest gem in the world.

Trevor Jackson Talks Ron O'Neal's Character in "Superfly" & Martial Arts

One of the most anticipated movies of the summer is the Director X's remake of the classic 1970's blaxploitation film, Superfly, starring the immensely talented Trevor Jackson ( Grown-ish) as Youngblood Priest. An array of gifted actors fill the cast alongside the young star, who leads with a praise-worthy performance that pays homage to the original.

Lena Waithe Talks Masculinity & "Ready Player One" Filming Experience

Lena Waithe has had an exceptional year thus far, and things are only getting better for the triple threat talent. We caught up with The Chi creator to discuss her new character "Aech" in Steven Spielberg's highly anticipated film Ready Player One, as well as her experience shooting what will likely be viewed as an iconic film.

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