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I like to tell stories.

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I combine 20 years of diverse communications experience as a strategist, writer, designer, and creative leader to deploy a people-first approach to outreach and engagement. I use my multi-dimensional skills to understand audience and stakeholder needs to educate, inspire, and create lasting brand affinity and relationships.


Stories about people

Warner College of Natural Resources
Summertime Standouts: Diego Tovar - Warner College of Natural Resources

Warner College Council's incoming president spent his summer in Washington, D.C. Diego Tovar has change to make. "I always cared about animals, and ecosystems, and stuff of that nature. No pun intended," said Tovar, from Austin, Texas, and going into his second year as a Warner College of Natural Resources Ecosystem Science and Sustainability student.

Connecting across the Americas - SOURCE

Para leer en español​, haga clic aquí​ Considering measures of success, sunsets and sunrises might be good ones. When the place is Todos Santos, Baja California Sur, Mexico, and the intention is to create a network of people who share the ultimate goal to create health, the rise and fall of the sun becomes a powerful symbol of potential and just how big and meaningful connections across people, animals, and place can be.

Warner College of Natural Resources
Let's give this Warner Ram a hand - Warner College of Natural Resources

It was a virtual high-five from Oregon to Colorado. Kevin McLain, who is in his third semester as a Warner College of Natural Resources graduate student at Colorado State University, reached out to Cameron Nelson, a graphic designer and part of the University's external relations team, to see if he might reproduce one of Nelson's designs.

Ecosystem for Learning

His father died when Brazenwood was a high school senior. He lost the poet who gave him consistent hope for the future. Brazenwood began living out of his school locker; he held three jobs to eat, delivering mattresses, chopping firewood, and working as a stable hand.

State of the heart

It isn't unusual for a professional with an MBA degree to manage a multi-billion dollar portfolio. Dave Randall (OPMBA, '09)does that, as a senior managing director for Arnerich Massena, Inc., an Oregon investment advisory firm that manages more than $22 billion in assets.

Engaging Students Where They Live

When we think about what construction really means for us, there's perhaps no better symbol than a living wall. We build to enhance our lives. Not every wall grows and responds to light and care like the one in the Pavilion at Laurel Village on the north side of Colorado State University's campus, but they all support human existence.

Leadership the Lubick way

Lubick's been trying to get in touch with some former players lately. He'd like to apologize. See, he's still growing. He's learning from life and students and his perspective is shifting. He wonders if maybe he was too hard on them, or maybe he didn't give them the second chance they deserved.

From Colorado to the Amazon rainforest - SOURCE

"We sat beside each other at lunch, and he was this big, jovial guy," said Spencer. "We started joking and laughing. It was like we were twins separated at birth. He invited me to teach a class." And that is how Spencer began his leprosy work in the Amazon.

Model teacher and scholar

Kelly Martin uses Monfort award to advance research with a focus on impoverished markets By Tosha Jupiter Kelly Martin began her marketing career serving a vulnerable population. During her early work in the assisted-living industry, she witnessed arbitrary decision-making, misplaced incentives, and unethical practices that disrupted people's lives when, she believes, life should be peaceful.

People in the pool

Business student and swimmer Emilie Rosa trains for her biggest meet - life. By Tosha Jupiter Unmistakably chlorine and adrenaline. That's what it smells like in here. All of her worries, failures, and daily tasks slip from her mind. She's not here just to improve her time.

Editing Work

Warner College of Natural Resources
Fulbright scholar ready to fly - Warner College of Natural Resources

"Hey, look! Over there!" Francis Commercon directs the attention of four fellow bird enthusiasts to two Northern Harriers, who are exhibiting a thrilling example of courtship behavior in midair. The birds' silhouettes circle each other over a field of cattails against the bright blue morning sky. "He's got a mouse ...

Warner College of Natural Resources
Outstanding Grad: Marissa Nelson - Warner College of Natural Resources

Marissa Nelson is the embodiment of perseverance and dedication. She is graduating from Colorado State University this semester with a B.S. in Human Dimensions of Natural Resources. She has learned a lot about community-based conservation and collaboration, which has inspired a trajectory for her future.

Warner College of Natural Resources
Budding ecologist in pursuit of saving the Universe - Warner College of Natural Resources

By Natalie Choules Sean Washington has always felt connected to wildlife. "When I was little, the one channel I knew was Animal Planet," he says. This love for animals manifested in excursions to science museums, receiving books about animals as presents every Christmas, and even birthday parties at the zoo in the middle of December.

Warner College of Natural Resources
Warner graduate student on path to educate future stewards of the land - Warner College of...

From the weeping willows in South Africa to the red rocks in Moab, nature always has found a place in Yvonne Schramm's heart. Schramm is finishing up her first semester as a Conservation Leadership Through Learning master's student and is on a path to educate and inspire others about protecting natural resources for future generations.

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