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That Bloody Bitch

Now, the Bloody Mary is generally thought of as a decidedly American drink. The origins of the cocktail are cloudy and often debated, but nearly all accounts direct back to a Parisian bar in the 1920s. Harry's New York Bar, as it was called, was a hotspot for American expats and travelers (including Ernest Hemingway).

Winner of WANTED 24

He swallowed the rest of his Christmas Spirits and dropped the bottle down the chimney. "That fucker better show up." Fucker. Timmy Johnson had never said that word before; just one utterance felt like a transgression.

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Margie's Candies Review - Old Fashioned Ice Cream Parlor

When you step into Margie's Candies, you step into a time warp. Illuminated by Tiffany-style lamps that hang from the ceiling, numerous cozy booths are clustered together side by side, each with their own tabletop jukebox. Shiny gold boxes are piled high atop glass cases displaying plates upon plates of delectable homemade sweets.

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Japonais by Morimoto Chicago Review - Rose and Rolls

On a Wednesday evening, the two of us met at Japonais by Morimoto, located in the Loop on Chicago Avenue. While the building was assertive and stately on the exterior, the interior was toned down with intimate lighting and sleek architecture. A monochrome color palette is offset by the occasional burst of color and a few Asian influences.

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Bar Toma Review - Chef Tony Mantuano's Laid Back Italian Gem

By Laura Busch Ciraulo and Torie Gehrig Located in the upscale Gold Coast, just off of Chicago's Magnificent Mile, Bar Toma offers a delightful alternative to many of its Gold Coast counterparts. The atmosphere is refreshingly casual with a trendy vibe. This laid-back Italian spot is owned by legendary Chicago chef and Top Chef Master, Chef Tony Mantuano.

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Roost Carolina Kitchen Review - Southern Comfort in Windy City

By Torie Gehrig From its early days in 2012 as a brass and bones food truck, to its first brick and mortar on Irving Park in Lakeview, and now onto its second location in River West, Roost Carolina Kitchen continues to serve up classic, perfect southern fried chicken here in Chicago.

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The Cotton Duck - An Arty Anomaly

By Torie Gehrig In the constantly fluctuating world of cuisine, it's difficult to really pin down on something new and different, or at least something new and different enough that your average foodie wouldn't have experienced it before. This is especially difficult in a city like Chicago, which has a thriving and constantly pulsing, cutting edge food scene.

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Frontier Chicago - Rustic Dining in the Urban Jungle

By Torie Gehrig When I go to eat out I look for more then just great food. I want an experience. An experience that takes me out of my bland day to day reality and transports me to a different reality even if only for an hour. Frontier Chicago does just that.

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Altiro Latin Fusion - Fresh, Flavorful Fun

by Torie Gehrig Truth be told, I'm the kind of foodie who is skeptical of fusion cuisine. I tend to prefer things to be more straightforward. Like straight up French or straight up Thai. I am pleased to say however that my fantastic meal at Altiro Latin Fusion thoroughly led me to change my mindset.

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Taste Of Cinema - Movie Reviews and Classic Movie Lists
20 Great Female Coming-of-Age Movies That Are Worth Watching

The ladies have been rather vocal these days. Whether it is calling out our catcallers or coming out of the closet as feminists, women are making their presence known in a way they haven't before. But things have not always been as such. Coming-of-age in general, though a beloved and fruitful subject can get a little hairy.

The Grand Temple
The Grand Review - Valley Girl

Torie Gehrig - Austin, TX I was 15 when I first saw Valley Girl. It was 2003, 80s fashion had begun to worm its way onto the racks at Urban Outfitters, and my stylish older sister was trying to help usher me into high school before she left for her fall semester.

Taste Of Cinema - Movie Reviews and Classic Movie Lists
The 25 Most Controversially Rated Movies in Cinema History

The inner workings of the MPAA are a sticky business. In fact, there is a whole documentary about how sticky it is (This Film Is Not Yet Rated). Kind of like the Area 51 of Hollywood, the headquarters are tightly restricted and the individuals who make up the rating board are never disclosed.

Taste Of Cinema - Movie Reviews and Classic Movie Lists
The 16 Best Movies About Female Mental Illness

Understanding the mind has never been easy. When an ailment is not psychically tangible, it is easy to dismiss. This is especially true when you try to understand the minds of a population of individuals, who, until the last 100 years or so, were supposed to be seen rather than heard.

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