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My name is Tony D. Buhr. I have worked in the newspaper industry for seven years. During this time I have worked as an editor, a columnist, and a beat reporter.

I spent some time after college exploring different industries. I worked for non-profits and even taught English overseas in Japan.

I currently work for The Wenatchee World in Wenatchee, Washington. I cover the environment, county and health. Some of the highlights of my career include investigate pieces on homelessness in Wenatchee, the opioid epidemic in Walla Walla, murder trials and more.

I am looking for the next step up in my career. I love investigative reporting. I focus on the use of creative imagery in my writing. I think it is important to pull readers into a story by providing a little bit of life behind some of the routine journalistic style we use.

If you're interested in hiring a young and experienced reporter who is interested in diving deeper into the industry, please message me.

The Wenatchee World
Inside the concrete walls of the jail

If you're able to go above and beyond to help us during this important time, please consider making an additional financial contribution. Click here to contribute. Reporter Tony Buhr spent eight months interviewing county officials and discussing the problems at the Chelan County Regional Justice Center.

The Wenatchee World
Safety concerns raised after crisis center layoffs

If you're able to go above and beyond to help us during this important time, please consider making an additional financial contribution. Click here to contribute. WENATCHEE - A mental health crisis center lauded by Gov. Jay Inslee as a statewide model for providing mental health care laid off 10 of its medical staff last week.

The Wenatchee World
Pot biz: Still growing, but regulations make it tough for some

WENATCHEE - Rob Colwell stands in an almost empty building looking at his dead marijuana plants. It cost Colwell and his significant other Shari Bohart almost $300,000 to construct this building for their marijuana growing company, Green Leaf Producers. Now they've had to shut down their business and are working to sell their license, Colwell said.

The Wenatchee World
Pot sales are growing

NCW - The marijuana industry the last four years is producing a bumper crop of green, both in plants and cash. The industry continues to increase each year reaching close to $1 billion in retail sales statewide in the last fiscal year, according to the state Liquor and Cannabis Board.

The Wenatchee World
Lampreys on the loose | Students get hands-on science lesson

LEAVENWORTH - A fourth-grade Beaver Valley School student squealed in terror and threw a lamprey into the Wenatchee River. "Let's be gentle!" yelled Eric Tiegel, a second- and fifth-grade teacher. The fourth-grader can't be blamed for feeling squeamish about holding a slimy, snake-like lamprey with a suction-cup mouth and visible teeth.

The Wenatchee World
Learning to live again | Jail halfway houses give people a second chance

WENATCHEE - Daniel R. Valadez possesses a bright and engaging personality and is easy to talk with. It therefore may be surprising to learn that Valadez, 41, lived for 10 years in the Southern New Mexico Correctional Facility and is a recovering heroin addict.

The Wenatchee World
Doctors perform same-day heart surgery

WENATCHEE - A two-millimeter flexible tube is inserted into a person's femoral vein in their leg, travels up tothe heart, maps the interior - 3-D model - and then is used to sear a pin-prick sized clump of nerves. This procedure is called catheter ablation, said Confluence Health Dr. Roy Lin, an electrophysiologist.

Union Bulletin
Shadow upon the Valley

Last Monday in Walla Walla County Superior Court, around a dozen people had hearings related to drug charges. One person after another walked to the table in front of the bench where Judge John Lohrmann presided in his robes. Defendants sat, surrounded by correctional officers, and pleaded not guilty, changed their pleas or were read their rights.

Union Bulletin
Blues Crew team works to provide regional trail maintenance

The smell of fresh-cut wood permeated the air, and chips flew all about as two men wearing blue hard hats sawed through a tree blocking a trail in the Umatilla National Forest on Saturday. With a snap of breaking wood, the tree's last sinews gave way causing it to crash to the ground.

Union Bulletin
Fire District 2 finances under investigation

WAITSBURG - The assistant fire chief of Walla Walla and Columbia County Fire District 2 is on administrative leave after personal purchases appeared on the fire district's credit card statements. Brian Callahan, who was acting as assistant fire chief for ambulance services, was put on administrative leave Dec.

Union Bulletin
Update: Jury finds Henderson guilty of second-degree rape

Update: A Walla Walla jury this afternoon found Cougar Henderson, 22, guilty of second-degre rape. We will have a full story on Friday. Is it possible for two people to have sex in the passenger seat of a 1999 Toyota Camry?

Union Bulletin
Double murderer gets 65 years for Walla Walla killings

Emotions were raw Thursday in Walla Walla County Superior Court during the sentencing of a man convicted in October for a gang-related shooting death of two people in 2015. Jose Quintero, 23, was ordered to serve 65 years in prison on two counts of first-degree murder and one count of unlawful possession of a firearm.

Union Bulletin
Jury convicts man in Walla Walla killings

After deliberating four days, a Walla Walla County jury on Thursday convicted a gang member on two counts of first-degree murder in a Walla Walla shooting in 2015. Jose. M. Quintero, 23, also was found guilty of unlawful possession of a firearm.

Union Bulletin
Gang members' credibility questioned in 2015 murder case

The prosecution continued its case Tuesday in Walla Walla County Superior Court by attempting to tie a man accused of killing two people to the scene of the shootings through testimony from former gang members and the forensics of bullet casings. Jose M.

Union Bulletin
Walla Walla double homicide trial begins

In the opening arguments Wednesday of a Walla Walla double-homicide trial, the prosecution presented point-by-point evidence in its case against Jose M. Quintero, 23. When the defense attorney addressed the jury, she called the evidence a "manure pile."

Daily Record
Facing code violations, Upper County campground makes effort to comply

The Mountain River Trails campground is a quirky mishmash of RV Americana, full of trailers, campers and motorhomes that would fit well in a museum of classic American history. The 466-lot campground sits next to the Yakima River near South Cle Elum and officially formed in 1972.

Daily Record
Roslyn and Ronald residents evacuate from fire

Roslyn and Ronald citizens threw precious belongings into vehicles and onto trailers, from family heirlooms to a half-restored Bentley, as they fled from the Jolly Mountain Fire Saturday. Fire evacuation levels expanded overnight Friday. Residents north of Ronald were told to leave immediately, and Level 2 "get ready to go" notices expanded to the city of Roslyn and Ronald.

Daily Record
Mom, veteran and volunteer: Local woman works to overcome challenges

Tiffany Metzger has an upbeat and positive personality. On the outside she seems like an average mom, but a small facial tic hints at the trauma and challenges she faced throughout her life. Metzger, 37, is a mother to two girls, Taylor and Riley. She served in the U.S.

Daily Record
Animal abuse trial ends in hung jury

A Kittitas County jury couldn't reach a verdict in an animal abuse case on Thursday. Deborah and James Kingcade of Cle Elum faced 12 second-degree and three first-degree charges of animal abuse. Law enforcement officials seized 14 horses from their Cle Elum horse rescue operation last year after citizens raised concerns the animals were malnourished and mistreated.

Daily Record
Couple in animal abuse trial held in contempt as trial continues

A Cle Elum couple facing animal abuse charges was found in contempt of court Thursday and accused of intimidating witnesses by the prosecution as their trial continued for the third day. James and Deborah Kingcade face 12 second-degree and three first-degree charges of animal abuse after the Kittitas County Sheriff's Department seized 14 horses from their horse rescue operation in May 2016.

Daily Record
Trial begins for couple facing animal abuse charges

The trial for Deborah and James Kingcade started in Kittitas County Superior Court on Tuesday after a contentious morning hearing where the defendants unsuccessfully asked to dismiss their attorneys. The Kingcades face three first-degree and 12 second-degree charges of animal abuse after law enforcement seized 14 horses from their horse rescue operation near Cle Elum last year.

Daily Record
Yakima man found guilty of child pornography and extortion

A Yakima man was found guilty of possession of child pornography and extortion on Friday by a Kittitas County jury. Darren Hopkins, 21, was found guilty of four counts of first-degree possession of child pornography, one count of second-degree possession of child pornography and extortion with a sexual motivation aggravator.

Daily Record
Man sentenced for lying in investigation involving overdose victim

A former Ellensburg resident was sentenced to 18 months in jail Friday on three charges of lying to a public servant. Tanner Richey, 24, was sentenced for lying to law enforcement and the county coroner about details related to the death of Mary Lonowski, 20.

Daily Record
CWU professor remembered for humor, energy, work with students

Catherine Bertelson was intense, hardworking, quick witted and had a big heart. Bertelson, 63, was a professor at Central Washington University for close to 33 years, and taught business communication and education technology. She died on March 7 after a crash on Interstate 90.

Daily Record
Lake Kachess residents express concerns about pumping plant

Irrigators are looking at re-tooling plans for a pumping plant in Lake Kachess as homeowners around the lake raise objections to major elements of the Yakima Basin integrated water plan. The water plan aims to increase water storage in the basin, improve fish passage and restore natural river flows.

Daily Record
Three sentenced in drug-related death of Ellensburg woman

A Cle Elum couple and an Ellensburg man were sentenced to prison for controlled substance homicide Friday in Kittitas County Superior Court. David Leitch, 59, of Cle Elum, Cassie Leitch, 55, of Cle Elum and James Pearson, 64, of Ellensburg were sentenced for the death of Morgin Martin, 20, of Ellensburg.

Daily Record
Petition leads to local debate on transgender rights

The debate over transgender rights flared up in Ellensburg this week as people showed up to protest a signature gathering effort in front of Fred Meyer. Larry Bradshaw of Florida was collecting signatures in front of the grocery store for statewide Initiative 1552, which would roll back a 2015 state rule dealing with bathroom use by people who are transgender.

The Daily Evergreen
Jake Mayson out of ASWSU race

Due to Jake Mayson's complaints I had to step back and let Zack write this story. But I am including it as it is the accumulation of my work and Zack used some of my notes for this story. I am not trying to take away from his work. He is the author of this story. But I feel that I should include the end of a saga.

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