Toni Vallen

President and Managing Director

Location icon United Kingdom

Toni Vallen is an investor relations adviser, who presently holds the Managing Director and President position in Seton Services Ltd., a company that offers international small-cap companies access to all aspects of financial public relations in regard to building an investor network in Europe and with Toni’s leadership, it has acquired and established numerous at companies in a diverse range of industries.

Toni Vallen received education from the two well known institutions in United States: the Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois and Fordham University in New York City.

Before she joined Seton Services Ltd., Toni’s worked in Private Banking, primarily in Latin America Branches. She was Vice President for Manufacturers Hanover (International Private Banking Department), and also worked for Citicorp (Latin American Department, Private Banking) and the Mexican Government for one year, establishing a U.S. representative office for the Public Works Bank (Banobras).

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