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Tom Morgan

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Let's do this. I was born in Chisholm, Minnesota, an iron range town famous for almost being Hibbing, the berg famous for being home to Bob Dylan and Kevin McHale. A mere seven miles up the road, Chisholm is home to me and Archibald "Moonlight" Graham. And to be honest they don't even know about me. I have lived in a cabin with no electricity nor running water on an island of Lake Vermillion, where my dad commuted by boat and car to the mines by day and taught us about the stars at night. I was even a little dairy farmer for a time. I've lived in a group home for mentally challenged adults, in a home home and now an apartment.

Along the way I have learned things like how to tie my shoes and math and stuff. A little science too. I can hold my own science-wise among nonscientists and even some of your lesser actual scientists.

I have two kids which is nice.

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To Dad, With Love

I pulled the oldest out of school today. We needed to do something different. I needed to do something different. I've been stuck in a depressive rut for the last, I don't know-months. I'm crabby times 100; I'm walking through days on the edge of insanity; I'm nearing a nervous breakdown; a powder keg primed and itching to blow.

He Did What Now? Get Him on the Phone | Tom Morgan on Patreon

Official Post from Tom Morgan: No Post Saturday. I will be out living my damn life. Now. Here's some codswallop for you.One of the things I thought would save us from Don's crazier impulses is my cynical and accurate understanding of this country.

The End

I drove down to Hastings on a warm autumn day in 1998 to sign divorce papers. My buddy Vinny had been an invaluable friend to me that whole summer. I called in a final divorce-related favor. I asked him to come along for the trip. I couldn't do it alone.

39: A Not-So-Magic Number

My parents separated and divorced in 1988, when my dad was 39. As I've written before, my dad was untreated bi-polar, unmedicated epileptic and probably a few other things. He was verbally abusive and between his frequent abusive episodes and his seizures, he was awfully dramatic.

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