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Online and mobile reporter at Sky News

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Former journalist at The Sun, Barcroft Media and the Sutton Guardian.

My work has also been printed by Vice, The Big Issue, Metro, The Telegraph, MailOnline, the Mirror and the Daily Express.

My short documentaries have appeared on Barcroft TV and Barcroft Cars.

I also used to work as a researcher on Sky One's topical comedy show The Russell Howard Hour.


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The Mirror

Workman caught on camera pleasuring himself in couple's living room

Solo sex-act was caught on camera after couple had installed CCTV cameras to make sure workmen were on the job properly A workman dubbed 'N*b the Builder' was caught on camera pleasuring himself in a couple's living room while he was supposed to be doing maintenance work.

Breast cancer survivor says pet CHEETAH helped her battle disease

Riana Van Nieuwenhuizen, 53, says her pet cheetah liked her bald head after chemotherapy to say: 'You are OK, I still love you' A breast cancer survivor says she was able to win her battle with the disease thanks to her pet CHEETAH. Riana Van Nieuwenhuizen received the devastating news that she had breast cancer in 2013.

Meet the 12-year-old schoolboy bravely helping take the fight to ISIS

"The Islamic State came here and I want to help the Peshmerga. I do not want Islamic State to control Kurdistan," said the determined youngsters A 12-year-old schoolboy is taking the fight to Islamist fanatics by repairing weapons used on the frontline against the savages.

Eight-year-old girl boxing prodigy throws 100 punches a minute

Child boxing prodigy Evnika Saadvakass throws 100 punches a minute - alongside her six siblings all trained by their dad. Under watchful eye of trainer, Rustram, 38, the eight-year-old has been training in the discipline since the age of three. As well as developing Evnika's incredible natural boxing ability, Rustram instructs her bothers and sisters how to land a blow.

Woman breaks UK freediving record after swimming underwater for 174 metres

A swimming coach has been making waves after breaking the British underwater record. Alice Hickson achieved the longest time for 'freediving' - which involves swimming underwater as far as possible without breathing apparatus. The 25-year-old from Bristol swam a breathtaking 174 metres on June 25, at the Individual AIDA Pool World Championships in Belgrade, Serbia.

These Brazilian villagers are trapped in their homes by a hideous disease

A village is blighted with a hideous disease which means hundreds of people are forced to stay out of the sun or risk their skin burning away. The streets of Araras in the state of Sao Paolo often resemble a ghost town, with villagers only surfacing at night because of the potentially fatal disorder.

Mail Online

Mail Online
Woman beats breast cancer... and credits her pet CHEETAH

Riana Van Nieuwenhuizen was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2013 South African was comforted by cheetah who licked her newly bald head The 53-year-old beat the illness saying she 'wanted to live' for pet Fiela A brave cancer survivor has told how she overcame the illness - with the help of her fully-grown pet cheetah.

Mail Online
Hunter jumps into ice-cold lake to save his beloved dog from drowning

Jonas Lundh, 26, was moose hunting in Költräsk lake, Sweden, October 26 He was out with his father when his father's dog Rocky chased a moose on to a partially frozen lake The moose made it to a nearby island, but Rocky struggled in the water Lundh followed the dog

Mail Online
King of the watering hole! Fearless lion fights off bull elephant

Incredible photographs show the moment a lion managed to hold its ground against an enraged, charging elephant The images show the lion attempting to defend its pride at a watering hole in Botswana's Nxai Pan National Park After a fierce confrontational lasting less than a minute, the lion emerges victorious and chases the elephant away These pictures show the incredible moment a fearless lion fights off a marauding young bull elephant in a desperate bid to protect its family.

Mail Online
He's a real wag! Oliver attracts an army of Instagram

Oliver the dog has more than 52,000 followers on Instagram The poodle and Golden Retriever cross is from Bryson City, North Carolina His owner, Breanna Wright, 26, dresses him in funny fancy dress outfits A dog has amassed an army of fans online after his owners began photographing him dressed up in funny outfits.

Mail Online
Master mechanic makes space-age vehicles from donor cars

Michael Vetter has been creating his Extra Terrestrial Vehicles since 1998 The cars cost between $75,000 to $250,000 and are custom made The donor cars are chopped up and extended for their new curved bodies All of the cars are road legal and have a maximum speed of up to 100mph A Florida-based custom car designer is creating vehicles that are out of this world, by giving normal road models an extraterrestrial twist.

The Telegraph


This make-up artist's superhero transformations are literally 'marvel-lous'

This make-up artist is wowing folks online with his ability to paint himself as different superheroes - in truly convincing style. Argenis Pinal, a freelance make-up artist and hairstylist for MAC Cosmetics can transform himself in to the likes of Spider-Man, The Joker, Thor and even Wonder Woman.


The Big Issue

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Sutton Guardian

Sutton Guardian
"I would spank them, tie them up, and use verbal domination... BDSM saved my life" says...

In a large mansion in a leafy part of Cheam thrill-seekers come to be tied-up, caned, and verbally abused by professional dominatrix Madam Masters. The Burdon Lane house serves as an unconventional workplace for the 25-year-old, whose passion for tormenting paying customers helped her through nearly 17 months of physical paralysis.

Sutton Guardian
Mother 'frozen in time' after finding stabbed teenager lying on Rose Hill pavement

A boy left fighting for his life in a knife attack that rocked Sutton on Friday, told a mother how he could not breathe as he lay bleeding on the pavement. Sarah Biggs, 46, was on her way to buy a pint of milk from the parade of shops in Rose Hill, when she heard a teenager screaming: "My mate's been stabbed, my mate's been stabbed."

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