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I joined ETF Stream as a senior writer in March 2019, having started my career at Investment Week, where I was a reporter for two and a half years from August 2016.

In my role at Investment Week, I covered the asset management industry, writing mainly about ETFs and markets. Now, at ETF Stream, my focus is purely on covering the European ETF market.

I also run my own boxing blog and have written for a variety of magazines over the years.

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Central Bank of Ireland should follow SEC in allowing non-transparent ETFs - ETF Stream

The Central Bank of Ireland will be closely monitoring the watershed moment for the ETF industry earlier this month when the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved the first ETF that is not required to disclose its holdings daily. The US regulator had been pushing back on the concept for over a decade however, on 8 April Precidian Investments received ...

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ETF Insight: The rise of ETFs has an unintended consequence - ETF Stream

An AllianceBernstein research note in 2016 that described ETFs as "worse than Marxism", given that communists attempted to allocate capital efficiently, caused a major backlash from the passive funds industry, however, the stark comment may prove to be correct after all. The dramatic increase in ETF usage since the Global Financial Crisis has been well documented.
ETF Edition: HANetf's co-CEO McNeil on future business plans, daily disclosure rules and...

In Investment Week's second ETF Edition, Tom Eckett interviews Hector McNeil, co-founder and co-CEO of Europe's first white label platform HANetf. The pair discuss the latest talking points across the European ETF industry including the regulatory rules around daily disclosure and the education issues around ETFs, as well as HANetf's future plans....

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ETF providers in smart beta catch 22 - ETF Stream

The term "smart marketing" is often used when writing about smart beta and there is good reason for this. When studying the correlation between the largest smart beta ETFs and the S&P 500, one can see there is very little discrepancy.
Prepare for 'strange' occurrences as liquidity concerns overlooked

Economic commentators' recession indicators are starting to flash amber, on the back of growing fears about tightening global liquidity, the impact of US dollar strength and escalating trade tensions between the US and China.,Global ,leader,the leader,trade wars,trade war,geopolitcs,geopolitical risk,cost inflation,liquidity risk,liquidity,dollar,United States,US,North America,Donald Trump,global debt,global liquidity,central banks,Federal Reserve,European Central Bank,Oxford Economics,Bank...
ETF of ETFs: When will they hit the UK market?

ETF of ETFs will be the next passive structure to look out for in the UK asset management industry, as commentators predict it will definitely be a growing area in the next few years.,ETFs ,ETFs,ETF of ETFs,Hector McNeil,Andreas Beck,fund launch,ETF,Jim Rogers,Deutsche AM
Rome-Brussels stand-off heightens concerns for European investors

Mounting tensions between the European Commission and Italy's fledgling government are sending the European Union down an unprecedented road with an unclear outcome, as investors grow increasingly worried about the longer-term implications for the bloc and European markets.,Global ,leader,the leader,Europe,European Union,Italy,Italian Elections 2018,italian politics,political risk,populism,eurozone,eurozone debt
Time for active managers to prove themselves as volatility returns

Quantitative easing has been a challenging aspect of the market for active managers over the past decade as the flood of central bank money lifted stock prices and supressed volatility leading to underperformance, greater risk taking and huge flows into passive products.,Markets,Global,Europe,Bonds ,leader,the leader,Active fund management,Volatility,sterling,S,quantitative easing,quantitative tightening,central banks,monetary policy ,Bank of England,Federal Reserve,Brexit,brexit...

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