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Tomas Miklica

Journalist & Communications Specialist

I have been writing for different media outlets (print, online, TV...) since 2010. I am also an experienced copywriter, web editor and community manager.

The Bulletin
Our house: The state of Brussels' short-term property market

Every European capital attracts young people. But Brussels is different. Its influx of young professionals is institutionalised, periodic and ceaseless. If you only count EU institution trainees, it amounts to hundreds of people incoming twice a year. Overall, the EU bubble draws in thousands. Which raises two main questions: Where do they all live?

The Bulletin
Video game developers see increased sales and opportunities in coronavirus shutdown

Coronavirus-related measures mostly have a negative impact when it comes to doing business. But there are exceptions. As people are asked to stay home, the video game industry is benefiting from their isolation and boredom. Steam, the video game digital distribution service has recently set a new record of 24 million concurrent users.

Europe's biggest virtual reality park has opened in Mouscron | Wallonia.be

Virtual reality (or VR) needs space. To set up a room-scale virtual reality at home, you ideally need at least 3 square metres - so that you can move or even walk during the experience without walking out on the immersion. The more space you have, the better the immersion, the stronger the experience, the greater the fun.

Can you DiscoverEU alone? Tips for the ones that dare

Have you been awarded the DiscoverEU ticket but have no one to go with? That might be a good thing! Travelling alone can be magical. Instead of a wacky group on EuroTrip, too focused on themselves to see past the travel guide stereotypes, you can suddenly become the young adventurer that meets a mysterious stranger on a train in Europe...

The Bulletin
Seven of our favourite Instagrammers to follow in Brussels

Are you #sprouttobebrussels? Plenty of Instagrammers think you should #visitbrussels and they love the city enough to post hundreds of pictures of it. Here are seven of our favourite Brussels photographers on Instagram, who tell us who they are, what exactly makes them so interested in Brussels and what kind of equipment helped them achieve the stunning results.

MovieMaker Magazine
An Artist Archaeologist's Palette: Ghostly, Decaying Film Stock is Bill Morrison's Raw...

Four years after his film The Great Flood (which examined the Mississippi River Flood of 1927, the most destructive river flood in American history), Morrison explores the rise and fall of Dawson City in Yukon, Canada. Supported by a score by Alex Somers, Dawson City: Frozen Time tells both Yukon’s gold-mining history and the bizarre true story of a collection of 35mm silent film prints that was hidden for 50 years.

The Bulletin
Family values: After 250 years, Wallonia's oldest brewery Dubuisson is all about tradition

In 1769 the world was a very different place. It was the year of Captain Cook’s first voyage. James Watt had just received the first patent for his steam engine. Napoleon Bonaparte was born. In 1769 most of modern-day Belgiumwas still part of theSouthern Netherlands. So indeed, plenty has changed since then. But not everything. Just as in 1769, there is a brewery in Pipaix, Hainaut, today, and it’s still owned by the same family.

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