Tomas Miklica

Journalist & Communications Specialist

I have been writing for different media outlets (print, online, TV...) since 2010. I am also an experienced copywriter, web editor and community manager.

WAB magazine
Building Wallywood

Two design companies join forces to become an all-in-one creative workshop.

The Bulletin
Video game developers see increased sales and opportunities in coronavirus shutdown

Coronavirus-related measures mostly have a negative impact when it comes to doing business. But there are exceptions. As people are asked to stay home, the video game industry is benefiting from their isolation and boredom. Steam, the video game digital distribution service has recently set a new record of 24 million concurrent users.

The Bulletin
Seven of our favourite Instagrammers to follow in Brussels

Are you #sprouttobebrussels? Plenty of Instagrammers think you should #visitbrussels and they love the city enough to post hundreds of pictures of it. Here are seven of our favourite Brussels photographers on Instagram, who tell us who they are, what exactly makes them so interested in Brussels and what kind of equipment helped them achieve the stunning results.

Europe's biggest virtual reality park has opened in Mouscron | Wallonia.be

Virtual reality (or VR) needs space. To set up a room-scale virtual reality at home, you ideally need at least 3 square metres - so that you can move or even walk during the experience without walking out on the immersion. The more space you have, the better the immersion, the stronger the experience, the greater the fun.

WAB magazine
EASI does it

After being named Enterprise of the Year, a Nivelles IT company is beginning a new era.

DiscoverEU: the guide on festivals | European Youth Portal

If you were awarded a DiscoverEU travel pass after the May 2019 competition, your travel will start soon. Sometime between 1st August 2019 and 31st January 2020 you will explore Europe. Where will you go? South or North? East or West? ...

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