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Concrete Empire

Christmas Card Don'ts

​Now that Halloween is over it's time to adjust our focus to what lay ahead, the official "Holiday Season" which, as well all know, is the most rapid, exhaustive, brutal yet wonderful time of the year! And with so many celebrations, accommodations, and weariness from all the libations to come, you have to plan ahead and it's good to start as early as possible.

Craft Beer Critics

McNeill's Brewery Dead Horse IPA

By: Taylor Morse Nestled in the little, river town of Brattleboro, Vermont is McNeill's Pub and Brewery; a small, local hotspot where the hippy haven days of Vermont (circa late eighties and nineties, the emergence of Phish) are all but over.

Vermont Cynic

Issue 24

Obama visits UVM for Issue 25 Spring 2012

Offprint Magazine (Formally known as Thread)

Offprint Magazine
Bobby Bruderle: Uncomfortable Art

words // Taylor Morse || photos // Bobby Bruderle Some artists find their place, their comfortable nook of creation, and remain steady within those constraints, continuing forever in a style that becomes easy and reliable. Other artists find a possibility, take it and race forward toward the unknown of a new idea; a risk for the sake of possibility.

Offprint Magazine
The Bumping Jones: Playgrounds - Offprint Magazine

words // Taylor Morse| videos // Zach Despart Walking in to meet the Bumping Jones last Tuesday I found myself on the sidewalk of a sleepy street on the outskirts of Burlington, across the river from Winooski.

Legal Transcriptions

Raleigh Co. man accuses care center of malpractice in grandmother's death

BECKLEY - A Raleigh County man is suing a care administrator and her practices, alleging negligence and malpractice in the treatment of his grandmother. James Hartwell of Roanoke, grandson and personal representative to the estate of Dempsey Cyrus, filed a lawsuit in Raleigh Circuit Court against Heartland of Beckley WV, Manor Care Inc., Health Care and Retirement Corporation of America, and administrator Brandy Gillespie, alleging negligence and malpractice that ultimately resulted in the...

Couple says mortgage companies guilty of predatory lending scheme

FAYETTEVILLE - A Fayette County couple is suing a local bank and its national affiliates for charges surrounding an alleged predatory lending scheme. Jennifer McMillion and Gustavia Crowder filed a lawsuit in Fayette Circuit Court against Decision One Mortgage Co., LLC; Solution One Mortgage, LLC; Mark Greenly of Green Tree Servicing, LLC; and The Bank of New York in a joint venture over alleged illegal loan servicing, fraudulent appraisals and breach of professional standards.

Woman sues chief correctional officer over sexual abuse claims

CHARLESTON- A West Virginia woman is suing the chief correctional officer of the West Virginia Regional Jail Authority, claiming he failed to stop sexual abuse while she was incarcerated at the Southern Regional Jail. Christina Hensley filed the suit Sept. 3 in Kanawha Circuit Court against Lt.

Webster Co. business accuses trucking firm of contract breach

WEBSTER SPRINGS - A Webster County equipment company is suing the owner of a Cowen trucking business, alleging he has not paid the prearranged price of their rental contract. Leslie Equipment Co. of Cowen filed a lawsuit Aug. 21 in Webster Circuit Court against Jeffrey C. Perrine of J & S Trucking, Inc.