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Tiny Manyonga

Creative and Academic Writer

Location icon South Africa

I am a Finance and Economics graduate and a writer. I am an analytical thinker and it further reinforces my analytical skills through my studies to become a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA). I have been writing since 2010 and I have several published articles on different sources. I relish opportunities to tackle complex problems or design new systems and I emphasize critical reflection and continuous learning and maintaining independent thought and objectivity in my work. In this sense, I lean towards introversion as a strength, and a source of innovation, resilience and creativity. This has reflected, not only through recognition of achievements in my career but also in my personal activities such as writing my blog or book, and guitar playing–which I am self-taught.


Freelance Work

Trends in Finance Which Should Concern Bankers and Brokers

Despite being one of the slowest industries to adopt advancements in technology, banking and finance industries have enjoyed consistent prominence. It may be the case that the roles which professionals in this sector play may be diminished. There are technologies and practices which are capable of loosening the grip of certain institutions in their roles as financial service providers.

Personal Blog

Tiny Rocks The Nation

Nelson Mandela was a brave man. After more than a century of oppression of his people and 27 years of personal imprisonment, he announced there would be no prosecution of the racially motivated crimes committed by colonialists who ran amok during Apartheid. He was not the first to preach reconciliation with a pre-independence regime.

Tiny Rocks The Nation
"Chikara": Searching for a meaning

Translation: Creature When I was almost a teenage boy, I went to a church service mostly against my will. Had it not been an all-boys high school situation, I am positive I would have gladly attended for obvious reasons. Despite my unhappiness with the school in general, I had little choice but to stay there...

Tiny Rocks The Nation
Of course the earth is flat

The one you can't live without but they are clearly screwing you over I've been wondering, possibly due to the recent surge in popularity of right-wing political stances across Europe, why we continue to identify ourselves as nations rather than just citizens of the world with free movement.

Tiny Rocks The Nation
Letter to my 22yr old son

The Truths I Once Knew When I began to write this letter, I was approaching the end of the 22nd year since my birth and my final hurdle before graduation. I thought this would a good time to share ...

Tiny Rocks The Nation
Past vs Lover (2013)

Defeating / Perverting the ends of Justice - There is no firm definition of what makes up 'defeating', also referred to as 'obstructing', in the context of this offence. Generally, the offence is described as committing an unlawful act intended to defeat or obstruct the administration or course of justice.

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