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Tinaye Mazvita Munyawiri

Professional Content Writer, Copy Editor and social media manager.

Location icon Zimbabwe

Skilled content writer. Background in copywriting, technical writing, social media management, and concept development. My writing goes through a 4-stage writing process: Structure – Research-Comprehension – Quality Assurance. All completed work is subject to tests for plagiarism, grammar, spelling, and readability.

A creative free thinker.
A talented writer with an eye for detail and precision.

Long-form(copy heavy, research-based)- annual reports, academic dissertations and articles, press articles, concept notes and rationales, brand manuals, corporate publications.

Short-form- advertorial material (TVCs, jingles, posters & brochures), tag lines, product/brand names, newsletter, and editorials.

Keyword- Digital Copy (websites, social media) SEO based, blog articles.

Video and audio content development.

A holder of a Master’s Degree in Media and Society studies. My writing work is supported by my keen interest in research and my experience in the field of content curation. My writing is adaptable to any form that suits the client.

Utopia Grind
Well that didn't last long... (A)

Hey! Imagine finding "The One"... You have your beautiful white wedding, amazing honeymoon in Seychelles for two weeks. Fast forward a year later a new born, bills on bills, economic struggles, unhappy partner, add infidelity to the mix. Divorce! You lose everything or maybe just half.

Mental health | Vutha

Dealing with anxiety, depression or any form of mental health issues in an African home is exhausting. No one understands! Well, at least no one tries to educate themselves. Our biggest downfall as the African society is apathy of wisdom, we focus on discriminating and victimization of those dealing with MHI.

Utopia Grind
Well that didn't last... (B)

Well Kinda... Ideally marriage is bliss, no paper work, no financial squabbles. None of that! Truth be told, if that was the case and fact of the matter we would all be bundled up with rings on our fingers. So, not very long ago some amendments to the 2017 Marriage Bill were made, (All in favour say I).

Sindiso Nyoni art profile | Vutha

A: As a visual artist I have quite a few influences that cover many disciplines. These include artists, movements, fashion, books, poetry, music and cinema, (via the art of story-telling and message conveying). These influences usually leave profound impressions on me prompting me to create art.

A legend lives on | Vutha

To be iconic is one thing but to be legendary is the pinnacle of greatness. Hit after hit, making music that transcends generations and moves beyond cultural barriers. Dr. Oliver 'Tuku' Mtukudzi has given every Zimbabwean child a road trip memory, a celebration story and a penny for their thoughts.

Taco Cabana Catering Zw

Taco Cabana Catering Zw, Harare, Zimbabwe. 379 likes · 5 talking about this · 2 were here. Good food on wheels. A Foodie movement.

Utopia Grind
A new legacy for creativity.

New President, renewed hope. It is surely a new dawn for the children of Zimbabwe. What does it mean actually? Are we waking up to new policies, a digitilised system or are we just fooling ourselves? Sometimes it is the times in which hope is completely gone that chance resurfaces.

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