Tim Maughan

Freelance journalist and author

Author and journalist using both fiction and non-fiction to explore issues around cities, class, culture, technology, and the future. His work regularly appears on the BBC, New Scientist, and Vice/Motherboard. Debut novel INFINITE DETAIL to be published by FSG in 2019.

Winner of the 2015 Seahorse Club award for Supply Chain Journalist of The Year.

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Should we engineer animals to be smart like humans?

What if it were possible to engineer animals to be as intelligent as us? As Tim Maughan discovers, we may have already started.

New Scientist

Putting animals online: Does it protect or destroy?

A shark has been killed because tagging data revealed it was regularly near a popular swimming area (Image: Stuart Westmorland/Getty) Even in the digital realm,...

Sonic Acts

Tim Maughan interviews Liam Young

SONIC ACTS RESEARCH SERIES #7 'The Shadow Cast by the Luminous Screen...' One of the speakers at the next Sonic Acts Festival is speculative architect Liam Young. Together with...


We're listening to Adam Greenfield speak AGAINST THE SMART CITY

Tim Maughan reports from New York. Against the Smart City (The City is Here for You to Use)Adam GreenfieldKindle, £5.16 New York, like any major city on any continent, is...


Graffiti: 40 Years of Hacking New York City

"'City as Canvas' is a reminder that this is, in a very literal sense, criminal artwork" The title of The Museum of New York City's latest street art retrospective -  City as...

New Scientist

Neurons light up Times Square for Midnight Moment

Brain City is playing at Times Square at 11.57 every night until the end of November. Along with its street performers and endless crowds of tourists, New York's Times Square is...


Manufacturing Outrage For Profit in 10 Easy Steps

Miley Cyrus is a 20 year old American female actress and popstar. She rose to prominence by appearing in the children's TV show Hannah Montana on The Disney Channel, and by...



Last Christmas

Surian Soosay "Daddy! Daddy! Wake up! It's snowing!" He blinks open half asleep eyes, forces his head up, squints through the whiteout glare. Astrid has her face pushed up...


​Flyover Country

With a Trump presidency and the full scope of his campaign promises looming, here's a look at a future where some of them have come to pass. Welcome to a future where...

The Long and Short

Divided we stand

'Sara lets the Lyft park itself in the drive, lets out a sigh, and tweets wish me luck plus some emojis before slipping her phone into a hoody pocket. Curtains twitch, and...

The Long and Short


We asked academics to collaborate with science fiction writers to develop short stories that explored these ideas and the real impact of collective intelligence, of human lives...



Six stories of a post-antibiotic future bringing the scale and urgency of the challenge of antimicrobial resistance vividly to life. Infectious Futures features six stories set...


The future of ed tech is here, it's just not evenly distributed

Using design fiction to cut through the relentless TEDTalk-like optimism of ed tech marketing By sava saheli singh and Tim Maughan People talk about the future of technology in...


Special Economic Zone

Over the summer of 2014, writer Tim Maughan accompanied the Unknown Fields Division  - 'a nomadic design studio' lead by speculative architects Liam Young and Kate Davies - on...


Collision Detection

I'll be honest with you, I'm more concerned about your hands than your penis. Two weeks later and he's back in Timo's humming, steel tube. -Okay...-I mean, don't worry or...


Zero Hours

For a workshop on future London, five individuals - Arup, Social Life, Re.Work, Commonplace, Tim Maughan and Nesta-created 10 Future Londoners for the year 2023. This is a short...


Dialed Up

This week, Motherboard is exploring the world of drugs and altered states with Lit Up. So, for today's Terraform entry, here's Tim Maughan with a warped dystopia about the...


Four Days of Christmas

​ In December 2014, writer Tim Maughan published a story in the BBC ​about his visit to the markets and factories of Yiwu , where over 60 percent of the world's Christmas...


Ghost Hardware

Anika starts with broad brushstrokes. A swipe of her hand is enough to brush away the initial debris on the face of the billboard, the hastily scrawled felt-tip pen tags and...