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Bristol Property Live - Articles

Articles written for Bristol Property live, a weekly print and online property magazine: Living In Keynsham, Hot Property and News.

Tim Cox, Writing:
Mokoko Coffee & Bakery

A review of the shiny new Coffee shop on Bristol Harbour.

The Best Comedy Nights in London

If you're tired of slick, safe, Live At The Apollo sets, London is the number one place to see real, live comedy - up close and personal with no boundaries. In real live stand up, anything goes: I've seen crisps EATEN, Rubik's Cubes SOLVED, fake penises REVEALED.

Tim Cox, Writing:
Your inner monkey

It's a tricky job being a parent, I imagine. Everything you do and say gets hoovered up by those annoying mini humans you've created. Everything! They might go on to rule the country or commit multiple murders, and it will be all your fault.

Tim Cox, Writing:
Decision - Carsten Höller At The Hayward Gallery, London Southbank

Carsten Höller's Decision exhibition at the Hayward Gallery on London's Southbank is all about decisions. Here I am, an adult man and I have decided I want to slide down a giant slide. I am paying fifteen pounds to slide down a giant slide. Look at these slides though.

Go To Valencia! Barcelona Hates You Now

If you were planning on jetting to Spain for a weekend city break, Barcelona is the obvious choice: it's got the golden beaches, that weird unfinished church that looks like a termite mound, and it's home to Europe's most inventive, tenacious pickpockets. But hold off booking those plane tickets for a moment, because you're not welcome any more.

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