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Tiffany Cooksey

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Hello everyone!

It is with great respect and enthusiasm that I thank you for viewing my professional website. I am an English Bachelor's graduate, with a focus in media communications.
I am headstrong, detail oriented, and determined, with a strong sense of analytical thinking, but keeping in tune to my creative side as well.

Currently, I am a graduate awaiting an opportunity to come into a career. I am prepared to exercise the skills I have learned in attempt to share what I know. I have built a portfolio of experience in my various roles. I currently have experience with journalism, writing, editing, social media, education, and English literature.

My professional goals are to accept, educate, and inspire. Despite my personal opinions, my intentions are to educate, share, and learn without bias, incorporating an equal voice and opportunity in all of the work I do, in order to make an impact in any way I can.

Please contact me with any further interest at my email address or phone number:

Email: [email protected]
Cell: (479) 806-2378


Current resume and curriculum vitae.

Portfolio of Work

University of Arkansas
A Place for Freaks: The Shaping of Identity in Neo-Victorian Texts

Article for Senior Capstone class, documenting the various literary traditions and connections of texts between the Victorian and Neo-Victorian disciplines. The Night Circus, by Erin Morgenstern (novel), and American Horror Story: Freak Show (television production) are the texts discussed.

University of Arkansas
Cyber Sexuality: Sex Resources and Sex Work On the Internet

New Media project documenting the assimilation of sex information on the Internet, specifically benefiting minorities/LGBTQ+/lower class peoples who would otherwise not receive accurate information about sex or sexuality. Also documents the Internet as a new tool for sex work, and how it can be both beneficial and harmful.

The Victorian Vampire
Home | Digital Humanities

Collaborate Digital Humanities website between myself and my other classmates. Built a website to showcase the research we all did.

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