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Tiffany Do

Food writer

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Hi! I'm currently a food writer with a degree in journalism. I spend most of my time watching movies, television, cooking, writing and looking for new ways to busy myself.

Food Republic
These Bartenders Have Given Up The Bottle. Here's Why.

Writers read. Chefs eat. Bartenders drink. Or so you might think. When a profession is dependent on one's own judgment in craftsmanship, eyebrows raise when a bartender gives up drinking. Jack McGarry, owner of the Dead Rabbit, was named International Bartender of the Year in 2013 at Tales of the Cocktail.

Food Republic
The Official Hannibal Cookbook Will Not Include Human Ingredients

After three seasons of masterfully cooked limbs and beautifully filmed cooking scenes, NBC's dark drama came to a close last winter. For a franchise about a sociopathic psychologist who murders and serves his kills to honored guests, Hannibal is the most food-centric adaptation of Thomas Harris's four-part novel series.

7 NYC Office Dogs That Are Cooler Than Your Co-Workers

New York is one of the most dog-friendly cities in America, and it’s becoming even more canine-inclined all the time (case in point: puppy brunch is a thing). So it only makes sense that NYC would openly welcome dogs in the workplace -- to the point where they’re practically employed.

Food Republic
Why You Should Salt And Cure Duck Eggs, According To Fuchsia Dunlop - Food Republic

What looks like your typical egg fare but tastes incredibly rich and jam-packed with umami is the result of preserving a duck egg for over a month. Cut into a hard-boiled or steamed salted duck egg and you'll find a white that is much denser and a yolk that is slightly grainy but less chalky than a normal chicken egg.

Food Republic
What Is Fish Sauce Caramel?

Fish sauce, the savory brown liquid that's ubiquitous in Southeast Asian cuisines, is often described with words like "funky," "fishy" and "umami." What happens when you add it to some melting sugar? You get something called fish sauce caramel - naam plaa waan in Thai or nuoc mau in Vietnamese - and it can be drizzled over almost anything, according to three New York chefs.

Food Republic
There Are More Than 200 Different Flavors Of Kit Kat In Japan. Here's Why.

While Americans are just warming up to the idea of oddly flavored snacks like Key lime pie Oreos, chicken-and-waffles Lays potato chips and birthday-cake Pop Tarts, Japan has shown a total mastery of Kit Kats for years. The country has launched more than 200 flavors in 15 years.

Food Republic
What Is Lap Cheong?

Walk into any Cantonese butcher shop and you're bound to see roasted birds and cuts of barbecued pork hanging, ready for chopping and serving. Another thing you'll seeing hanging are the dried, shriveled-up red pork sausages called lap cheong (臘腸), which translates directly to dried sausage.

SF Weekly
New Cashew Nut Ice Cream Has Surprising Origins

After being dubbed the "Videogate cop," for the nearly a decade, Andrew Cohen has turned his attention toward a sweeter deal and is now one half of Mr. Dewie's Frozen Desserts, making cashew milk ice cream in Oakland. This alternative to ice cream is dairy, soy, gluten, and GMO-free.

Food Republic
NYC's Pommes Frites Rises From The Ashes

It's been a crazy year for Suzanne Levinson. Last March, her popular New York City restaurant, Pommes Frites, known for its Belgian-style fries and its enormous arsenal of sauces and toppings, was destroyed in a tragic gas explosion that killed two people and injured several others.

Food Republic
In Brooklyn, It's Farm To Ceramic Studio To Table

Chefs nowadays are all about sourcing locally from farmers and growers - not to mention ceramists. In Bushwick, Brooklyn, chef and co-owner Kevin Adey has made sure that everything at Faro shows the restaurant is serious about craftsmanship, down to the tables, forks and plates. "I really wanted handmade plates," Adey says.

Food Republic
Inside NYC's Most Finicky Cat Cafés

Koneko is Japanese for "kitten," yet not a single baby feline is in sight when I drop by one recent afternoon. Still, a cat is a cat is a cat, and that is what I, and the many patrons of this Lower East Side café, have come here for.

SF Weekly
Citrus-Based Racism Leads Markets to Change Product Names

People of a certain age may remember back to a time when Brazil nuts were blithely called "n*gger toes." Now, or at least until recently, there was a lime that had a similar racial and religious slur in its name.

The Setonian
SNL diversity solution misses root of the problem

Lorne Michaels, creator and producer of "Saturday Night Live," was under great scrutiny after hiring six new white, mostly male, cast members for the show's 39th season. Before the midseason finale on Dec. 21, "secret auditions" exclusively for black women were held, according to the Washington Post.

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